Here Are 37 Of Netflix's Most-Watched Movies Of 2021 — Do You Think They're Actually Good Or Just Good To Kill Time?
Due to the pandemic, we've all spent a lot of the last two years streaming TV shows and movies to pass the time.
And now I really wanna know if you actually liked these most-watched movies on Netflix from 2021 or if you just watched them because you had nothing better to do.

1. Did you think 365 Days was actually good?

Did you think 365 Days was actually good?

2. The White Tiger?

3. Death to 2020?

4. Outside the Wire?

5. We Can Be Heroes?

6. I Care A Lot?

7. Squared Love?

8. Finding 'Ohana?

9. To All The Boys: Always and Forever?

10. Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal?

11. The Girl on the Train?

12. Moxie?

13. Deadly Illusions?

14. Yes Day?

15. Seaspiracy?

16. Thunder Force?

17. Oxygen?

18. I Am All Girls?

19. The Woman in the Window?

20. The Mitchells vs. The Machines?

21. Awake?

22. Fatherhood?

23. Xtreme?

24. Fear Street Part One: 1994?

25. How I Became A Superhero

26. Blood Red Sky?

27. Sweet Girl?

28. Beckett?

29. Aftermath?

30. Resort to Love?

31. The Kissing Booth 3?

32. Aftlerlife of the Party?

33. There's Someone Inside Your House?

34. The Duff?

35. The Princess Switch 3?

36. The Harder They Fall?

37. And Red Notice?