32 Things Literally Everyone Used To Have In Their Home 30 Years Ago That Basically No One Has Anymore
I doubt anyone has these in their house anymore.

1. A big giant TV that weighs 300 pounds:

2. That you'd have to set to channel 3 to watch movies:

3. A list of phone numbers on a sheet of paper tucked away in some drawer:

4. A big binder filled to the brim with CDs, or just CDs in general:

5. This exact crockpot:

6. One of these right next to your phone:

7. This EXACT alarm clock:

8. A kitchen table that looks exactly like this:

9. This EXACT blanket:

10. This peeler:

11. This exact masher:

12. And this type of grill:

13. One of these in the bathroom:

14. One set of these around the holidays:

15. Two sets of keys for one single car:

16. A flip phone with buttons and everything:

17. A pile of these left out on the floor:

18. These exact computer speakers:

19. And, on top of that, a bunch of lyric books:

20. A sifter made out of metal:

21. One of these in the bathroom:

22. One of these:

23. A bunch of these:

24. A bottle of this very, very painful stuff:

25. These coffee making tools:

26. Countless VHS holders:

27. One of these in your freezer:

28. And one of these in your kitchen:

29. This exact canopener:

30. One of these to fix wear and tear:

31. This fool-proof opener:

32. And a whole bunch of silly putty: