10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That’ll Change The Way You Look At Your Favorite Reality TV Shows

#1 Every season, Survivor

 Every season, Survivor assembles a group of 16–20 twentysomethings known as the "Dream Team." Their job is to test all of the challenges before the contestants do, allowing the show to have a sort of dress rehearsal.

#2 The finalists of Project Runway

The finalists of Project Runway aren't the only contestants who get a chance to show at New York Fashion Week. A couple of "decoy" contestants who were eliminated earlier in the competition make collections so that the final three or four aren't spoiled. According to producer Sara Rea, the eliminated designers get the same budget and amount of time to make their looks as the real finalists do, because otherwise, the faux collections would be too easy to identify.

#3 It was difficult for the producers of Below Deck

It was difficult for the producers of Below Deck to find willing participants for its first season, since it was an "unknown entity" that potential castmates worried could "jeopardize their future employment potential." Now one of the most common reasons "yachties" sign on is so they can show their friends and family at home what their jobs are like.

#4 The Love Island

The Love Island villas are outfitted with around 80 cameras, including ones in the bathroom, though that footage isn't monitored. There are no clocks, and the house is supplied with over 200 condoms, which are "replenished as needed."

#5 Chopped contestants

Chopped contestants are "warned" by producers about host Ted Allen because he will attempt to "get in [their] head" while he interviews them about what they're preparing. They're also told that if Allen is bothering them while they're cooking, it's okay to tell him to go away.

#6 The Masked Singer

To ensure that the identities of the contestants remain secret, the crew of The Masked Singer have to sign nondisclosure agreements, and they aren't permitted to use their phones while they're working. If they do ask to use their phones, they're allowed to...but they're forced to wear something a producer referred to as a "shame sash," a pageant-type sash designed to "humiliate anyone who wants to use their phone on set."

#8 The ovens in the tent are tested with cakes.

Before a new season of The Great British Baking Show* begins, the ovens in the tent are tested with cakes. The crew prepares "a dozen Victorian sponge mixes" and uses runners to make sure they all go in at the exact same time — and if the ovens are in good working order, 12 perfect (and identical) cakes emerge.

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