10 Famous People Who Were Actually Pretty Unpopular In High School

#1 Charlize Theron

Charlize described herself as a "geek" growing up, saying she had thick glasses, that boys didn't like her, and that she was even bullied.

#3 Mindy Kaling

Mindy has said she was "pretty nerdy" in high school and never had a boyfriend. She loved old comedy and SNL. Devi in Never Have I Ever is partially based on Mindy — not necessarily her experience, but her personality as a nerd. “Nerds are not always the wallflowers, the quiet ones. We’re ambitious with obnoxious personalities and want to have sex and dreams like all the other kids," Mindy said.


Selena said of her time in school, "If my cousin wasn’t the captain of the cheerleading team, I would have been destroyed. ... Because I was just, you know, I was kind of a nerd and just hung out with like, one person." She's also spoken about being bullied while on Wizards of Waverly Place, calling Disney Channel "the biggest high school in the world."

#7 Halsey

Halsey was bullied in high school for being into emo bands like Panic! at the Disco. They told a story about how they interacted with Brendon Urie at one of the band's shows, and then wore the wristband from the concert every day afterward until a bully broke it.

#8 Liam Hemsworth

Speaking about growing up, Liam said, "I used to wear my brothers' hand-me-downs, which were all too big on me. I used to have an afro — like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro. It was bleached blonde from the sun. I was tall and awkward. I was not cool."

#9 Jennifer Lawrence

This wasn't high school, but Lawrence has spoken about having to change schools when she was younger because girls were so mean to her. She also recalled an experience when she was asked to hand out invitations to a girl's birthday party that she wasn't invited to.

#10 Lizzo

Lizzo has admitted to being a band geek, saying that band was cool in the early days; but as she got into middle and high school, it was less so. She also joked, "I don't think you're a band geek if you're just in band. I was a band geek, because I took band to the next level. Like, I would voluntarily go to band camp."

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