10 greatest TV shows of all time, according to people in Hollywo

So no one tells you life will be like this, or that the world will remain strong attached to six friends New York City years after the hit series leaving air waves. Friends are one of the main reasons for NBC known as comedy throughout the 1990s, and the show skyrocketed Ensemble Gipt to Stardom (for better or worse, in some cases). The event was able to mix silliness due to seriousness sometimes, and the character palette gave almost everyone to connect, even if it was a bad naked man. Although it is difficult for me to understand this, it seems that friends are Hollywood’s favorite TV shows of all time.

#1 Friends

So no one told you life was gonna be this way, or that the world was going to remain so firmly attached to six New York City buddies years after the hit series left the airwaves. Friends was one of the main reasons that NBC was known for comedy throughout the 1990s, and the show rocketed its ensemble cast to stardom (for better or worse, in some cases). The show was able to mix silliness with seriousness at times, and the palette of characters gave almost everyone someone to relate to, even if it was Ugly Naked Guy. While it’s difficult for me to grasp this, apparently Friends is Hollywood’s favorite TV show of all time.

#2 Breaking Bad

It is difficult to count the number of things done by Vince Gilligan who truly succeeded, but changing Bryan Cranston from Sitcom Star to Antihero Dramatic is clearly one of the biggest. Serial who never lost his black humor while putting a turn of events that were not dark after another, breaking badly might remain one of the best TV series for decades to come, and hopefully it will serve as a warning for every secondary school teacher who wants to enter the game Meth.

#3 The X-Files

In nine seasons (and hopefully in the upcoming limited series), X-Files managed to combine almost every core aspect that made the show successful. It has a comprehensive storyline that involves that the central character is involved, it is mixed in procedural elements with the approach of monsters-of-the-week, managed to bring "will they / will not" for mulder and scully for the whole run, and it displays a number Impressive side characters that increase pleasure and mystery. Even though everything becomes less than perfect in the following years, X-Files really has something for everyone. Assuming "everyone" likes alien conspiracy.

#4 Game of Thrones

While the sopranos made HBO a heavy claim in the drama race, the set of thrones turned the network into a monster notation. Based on the massive series of new series George R.r. Martin, game of thrones delighted with viewers, a ton of conflict and violence, a sex smile and a winning mix of fantastic politics and the policy won. And the constant surprise deaths did not hurt.

#5 Seinfeld

The show of nothing is a lot for many people and one of these things is "an incredibly fun observation on how weird people can be". In particular, you took apparently Benin topics, such as a kitchen cooking soup or a flying shirt, and turned them into pop culture icons. The Fatuous Central was perfect throughout the show, which Jerry Seinfeld decided to end before the show has passed its peak. Not that there is something wrong with that.

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