40 Things For People Who Just Like Cool-Looking Stuff

Your eyes… They will be happy.


A pack of bold hanging earrings that'll have all eyes on you, literally.


A bottle of ferrofluid to make spiky designs that move and change with just a magnet.


A color-changing showerhead so you can have a solo rave party in the shower.


A bath bomb that looks like a bubbling cauldron *or* a bubbling bath bomb inside a cauldron, because it's spooky season and we're celebrating with a bath!


A glass water bottle pretty enough to possibly convince you to actually stay hydrated.


A pack of rainbow playing cards so every hand could be a great-ient one.


A peace sign vase sure to make your space feel more peaceful. That's just common sense. Peace sign in home = peaceful home.


A needle-felted ghost in a keychain jar so you can feel like an adorable Ghostbuster.


A planet bath bomb–making kit for baths that are out of this world.


A colorful patterned Baggu to help you cut down on plastic grocery bag waste and look good doing it.


A candle that looks like a pot of thriving succulents. You don't have to water it, but you do have to grapple with the idea of lighting it or not.


Or a four-wick candle for fans of both spooky decor (Hand of Glory, anyone?) *and* offensive gestures. If you dare to light this thing, all but the middle finger will burn down.


A tarot tapestry that sees tasteful and cool home decor in your future.


A spendy plush quilt so you can tell everyone you wake up with the sunrise every morning.


A cool kit that lets you make slime you can legit draw on with chalk art markers. How cool is that???


A pack of spooky tea towels so your kitchen can get into the Halloween spirit.

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