5 Times TV And Movie Writers Proved They Knew Nothing About Muslims

#1 Having representation in media is great…when done correctly. B

#2 There’s always a woman who takes off her hijab for dramatic eff

Dr. Qadri felt the want to apply her hijab as a tourniquet on a affected person once they pull a metal rod out of their leg.

Not simplest is that this erroneous from a medical perspective seeing that hijabs aren't sterile in any respect (thinking about they are on our heads all day) however additionally, she's in a medical institution??

No bandages, just vibes I guess.

#4 Too often the way Muslims are shown praying looks…off. Let’s t

Muslims pray 5 instances a day so it's an vital a part of our every day habitual and it follows positive steps.

But I want to recognise why no one took the possibility to look up a basic prayer educational on YouTube due to the fact this ain't it.

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