'Avatar 5' story includes some scenes on Earth, producer says

‘Avatar 5’ is not expected to come till 2028

James Cameron’s Avatar five wouldtake the action on Earth, as it turned into found out the approaching movie encompass some scenes on Earth.

According to Gizmodo, the movie’s producer Jon Landau replied to whether or not the Earthlings defeated within the first component might convey returned war to Pandora.

“Well, it’s humorous,” Landau said over video chat. “I wasn’t going to speak approximately it, but I’ve now finally heard that Jim has talked about it a bit bit. In movie 5, there’s a segment of the story where we go to Earth. And we visit it to open people’s eyes, open Neytiri’s eyes, to what exists on Earth.”

The manufacturer of the movie defined Neytiri presence on Earth is to apprehend now not all inhabitants there need to pillage Pandora.

“Earth isn’t always simply represented by means of the RDA [the evil organization in the film; the abbreviation stands for Resources Development Administration],” he said. “Just such as you’re defined through the choices you are making in life, no longer all human beings are horrific. Not all Na’vi are good. And that’s the case right here on Earth. And we need to expose Neytiri to that.”

Meanwhile, Avatar: The Way of Water crossed the $1 billion milestone in only 14 days.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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