Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn Working With Bob Odenkirk On

Rhea Seehorn reveals that she’s planning another project, which would reunite her with Better Call Saul co-star Bob Odenkirk.

Rhea Seehorn reveals that she’s working on a new project with Better Call Saul co-star Bob Odenkirk. Though the Breaking Bad spinoff wrapped in August, the series in recent weeks has resurfaced as it has ranked very highly on several lists that celebrate the very best of the TV year. It’s certainly a worthy inclusion, as the AMC show finished up perfectly: it managed to provide fitting endings for its two lead characters, Jimmy (Odenkirk) and Kim Wexler (Seehorn), without betraying the journey that they’d been through. It all built to a finale that rested heavily on the chemistry that the two actors had built since the very first season.

In an interview with Consequence, Seehorn discussed what was next for her after Breaking Bad. Among her several upcoming projects, which include an Apple TV+ drama with Better Call Saul co-creator Vince Gilligan, the Emmy-nominated actor mentioned that she has made plans to work with the rest of the spinoff’s cast and crew. In the quote below, Seehorn mentions that she’s planning on doing another project with Odenkirk:

“I’m actively trying to work with people from the Better Call Saul family, particularly my producers. I’m trying to do something with Peter, and Bob [Odenkirk] and I have things that we are already planning to do together. Patrick [Fabian] and I want to do things, I want to do more stuff with [executive producer] Melissa Bernstein. I’m basically trying to never leave that family.”

What Is The Cast Of Better Call Saul Doing Now?

The cast has several new projects lined up now that Better Call Saul has ended. In addition to the Apple TV+ drama with Gilligan, which has been compared to The Twilight Zone, Seehorn will star alongside Jim Gaffigan in the independent film Linoleum. She’s also working on the second season of Cooper’s Bar, a series which she stars in and directs. Odenkirk has a role in the 2023 film Worlds Apart, which focuses on three couples who are stuck at home during the beginning of a lockdown. He’ll also be sticking with AMC for the upcoming drama Straight Man which is based on the book of the same name by Richard Russo.

As for Giancarlo Esposito, who portrayed Gus Fring, he looks to continue with his roles as the antagonist of both The Mandalorian and The Boys, while headlining his own AMC series Parish. He also has roles in upcoming shows like Netflix’s Kaleidoscope. Jonathan Banks, who played Mike, has a lead role in the upcoming thriller series Constellation. Patrick Fabian, who portrayed Howard, will appear in the upcoming romcom film The Other Zoey. Michael Mando, who had the role of Nacho, will appear alongside Brian Tyree Henry in the Apple TV+ show Sinking Spring. It’ll be produced by Ridley Scott.

It’s a busy slate, befitting a talented TV ensemble. And at this early stage, there’s no telling how soon the cast and crew will reunite on-screen. But based on the fact that everyone is keen to make it happen, a Better Call Saul reunion of sorts will likely happen again at some point further down the line. It’s just a question of what that project will look like.

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