Disheartening element men do

#2 @mollyatron said a man who didn’t find her attractive put in ext

"I went out with  guys that I become buddies with, and that they added me to their 1/3 friend. This man proceeded to speak over me any time a person talked to me. Like, the opposite  men might simply inquire from me a question, and this guy might communicate over my response. After  times of trying to maintain the peace, I become ill of it, so I asked him what was up. And he openly said, 'I'm not interested in you. I do not discover you appealing, and I'm now not seeking to sleep with you, so I do not want to be pleasant to you.' So he become putting in extra attempt to be impolite to me than he become to just be civil. Neither of the men said something, they simply form of laughed it off. That's after I found out, guys don't care, and that's why [this disrespect] is so outstanding. None of them are going to check each different. At all."

#3 Whenever @majormommyissues talks to guys, even supposing it is n

I'm a Black woman in Nebraska, and so that makes me 'conventionally unattractive.' Guys in Nebraska make it acknowledged from the start whether or not or not they like Black women. I've been in normal conversations with men — like, informal — and they'll be like, 'Just so that you recognise, I don't like Black girls.' As if I could communicate to them inside the first area! Once, I turned into out with a friend, and she or he turned into talking to a man she knew. I walked away due to the fact I should tell that he and his two different friends were not genuinely vibing, and the buddies observed me round and made monkey noises the entire night time."

#4 @landon.Harisss sees right through it while guys try to play “Mr

One of my personal favorites is whilst we are status in a collection, with both guys and women, and the men are either superb clued in on one friend or all of my friends besides me. There's constantly that one guy that attempts to play 'Mr. Nice Guy,' and he'll turn to me for like 0.2 seconds and be like, 'Oh, hiya,' appearing like I haven't been there for the beyond 20 minutes of this verbal exchange. He'll say one element, and I'll attempt speaking to him, then he's going to immediately shut it down and turn returned to my friend."

#5 @alternegr0 referred to that on pinnacle of blatantly ignoring h

The first thing they do is just completely forget about you and faux you don't exist, in particular in case you're with your more 'conventionally appealing' friends. But then, there's additionally this weird thing that they do, mainly if you're 'pals' with them: They'll flirt with you as a funny story, particularly if it's round different people, because they assume that the idea of liking you is simply so humorous that they've to funny story approximately it with other humans that allows you to get laughs."

#6 @izzygoesit handiest experienced chivalry and politeness from me

When I started out grad school, I went from three hundred kilos to 228 pounds, and I'd continually suspected that men dealt with me in another way, but then I got evidence how otherwise they had been treating me. I went from invisible to being greeted anywhere I went. Also, primary things like manners increased one hundred%. I had by no means even observed that guys did not maintain doorways open for me in public until I misplaced the burden. That all lasted, until I started gaining weight once more. I became back to being invisible."

#7 And ultimately, @biggreddb realized that “men sincerely simplest

"My favorite became while [my roommates and I] might exit to bars collectively. They have been very skinny, stunning sorority ladies, so men would technique them and offer to shop for 'all and sundry' pictures. But on the grounds that I was the 'ugly' fats pal that become just there for comedic help, that did not consist of me. And it was so funny to me while my roommates could factor it out and be like, 'are not you going to buy her a shot too?' The appearance of absolute disgust and annoyance that ascended upon those men's faces...They wished I become by no means born."

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