How Aemond Targaryen Dies In House Of The Dragon (& When Will It

Aemond Targaryen should meet a deeply poetic, epic, and brutal death during House of the Dragon’s upcoming civil war the Dance of the Dragons.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon’s season 1 finale and George R.R. Martin’s book, Fire & Blood!

House of the Dragon will possibly display the dying of Aemond Targaryen sooner or later, and here’s when it may show up. HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel, primarily based on George R.R. Martin’s ebook Fire & Blood, is a records of House Targaryen, with the House of the Dragon display specializing in a brutal warfare of succession known as The Dance of the Dragons. This has already been teed up on the display through several conflicts, including Aemond dropping his proper eye in a fight with his nephew Lucerys Velaryon and Luke’s later loss of life.

Fire & Blood offers a observe how Aemond will meet his personal lead to House of the Dragon. In the e-book, Aemond’s demise comes after Daemon vows to Rhaenyra to avenge the dying of Lucerys, claiming “a son for a son.” Aided through Lady Mysaria, he has Blood and Cheese, two cutthroats, kill Prince Jaehaerys. Then, at the Battle of Rook’s Rest, Aegon II is seriously wounded. Aemond then regulations as Prince Regent and Protector of the Realm. Daemon holds Harrenhal, however whilst Aemond arrives, he reveals the place deserted. Riding Vhagar, he ravages the Riverlands, burning settlements that he believes to be allied with Rhaenyra. When Daemon returns to Harrenhal, the 2 guys take to the air on dragonback. They fight above Gods Eye, a lake south of Harrenhal, with each their dragons finally mortally wounded. Daemon leaps onto Vhagar and plunges his sword Dark Sister down into Aemond’s blind eye. Moments later, they hit Gods Eye, sending a jet of water into the air.

When Will Aemond’s Death Happen In House Of The Dragon?

If House of the Dragon follows Fire & Blood quite closely, a lot still needs to happen before Aemond’s death. While the show set up The Dance of the Dragons well in season 1, it may still be a couple more seasons before things progress far enough to get to Aemond’s death on screen. However, House of the Dragon has shown its willingness to move away from the source material when necessary, so Aemond’s death could come sooner in the war if it better serves the show’s narrative.

Why Aemond’s Death Will Be An Amazing HOTD Moment

Thus a long way in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, there has best been one dragon fight, and it changed into at night. In the episode “The Long Night,” Jon and Daenerys, using Rhaegal and Drogon, contended with the Night King on an undead Viserion. It was a memorable sequence for the show, but Aemond’s death, if modeled on the depiction in Martin’s book, will probable be a ways extra dramatically draconic.

Additionally, the demise of Daemon and Aemond will prove to be an splendid CGI feat, now not to mention the sound effects accompanying it and the performances of the actors as they struggle with their beasts. The combat is probable to be House of the Dragon at its maximum brutal, presenting a memorable sendoff for two of the show’s most complex characters. Regardless of while it takes place in the series, it’s going to serve as a major turning point and significantly impact House of the Dragon going ahead.

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