Hugh Jackman talks ‘punching’ Deadpool ‘a lot’ in ‘Deadpool 3’

Hugh Jackman sheds light on what Wolverine and Deadpool’s dynamic is like

Hugh Jackman weighs in on the bond between Wolverine and Deadpool amid the approaching film Deadpool 3.

The actor broke all of it down in the course of his recent appearance on The Empire Film Podcast.

There, he dished over the relationship between Wolverine and Deadpool.

He commenced by way of revealing the alternative natures of both characters and discovered that they all “hate each other.”

For the movie, Deadpool three “Let’s simply talk from my [perspective]” the actor claimed.

“[Logan is] irritated by using him, annoyed by him, desires to be 1,000,000 miles faraway from him or punch him within the head.”

“Unfortunately, he can not be a million miles far from him in this film, so I’m probable gonna punch him inside the head a lot.”

During the direction of the chat, the Wolverine start additionally dished on the one trait that units him miles other than his on-screen avatar and it’s that he “hardly ever loses [his] temper.”

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Written by Abu Bakar

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