Ignore Your Brain, Because Your Heart Wants These 51 Products

Get *yourself* a gift before worrying about everyone else this holiday season.


A naturally dried bouquet featuring autumnal colors that'll be a welcome part of your decor until the day Santa comes knockin' at your door (or creeping down your chimney, whatever that guy does).


A classic oversized cardigan you may quickly realize is a need, despite your wardrobe's overflowing "Fall/Winter" storage box. Plus this is olive green, it's totally different than all the mustard and maroon sweaters you've currently got stuffed in there!


A Chicken Daddies calendar for farm-lovin' folks who aren't too ~chicken~ to show off some laugh-out-loud funny decor.


An Ollie Ella mushroom basket you could give to a kid, sure...OR you can give it to YOURSELF and add it to your forest floor decor. Say that five times fast.


B is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet, a charming and not-so-scary board book sure to add some silliness to spooky season.


A sassy welcome mat that'll satisfy anyone with a not-so-social soul.


A Dolly Parton advent calendar sure to have you singing, "And IIIIII will always love...Dolly Parton Christmas decor."


A garden snake and cobra tea light holder, each handmade out of cement — you can go ahead and slither this into your shopping cart. I won't tell.


A mid-century modern Novogratz pet sofa that's gonna look doggone adorable in your living room!


A 15-piece makeup brush set that'll help you kiss and ~makeup~ with the beauty routine you've neglected over the last several months.


An adjustable stick figure floor lamp you can add to your furniture family when you leave your roommates and realize it's still kinda nice to have another body around (as long as that body isn't eating your leftover Stromboli).


Weird Parenting Wins, a funny and heartwarmingly honest book that's sure to give you some surprising parenting hacks. Whether you're trying to get your kids to tell you the truth, wanting to figure out how to end tantrums before they start, or discovering "The Art of Getting Your Kid to Act Like a Person," there's sure to be a silly solution in here for you!


A hanging macrame cat bed, because your kitto deserves some bold boho furniture just as much as the next Instagram influencer.


A pizza pocket lanyard so you can enjoy wearing an accessory that you can really sink your teeth into.


A tiny Jibbitz accessory to put on your Crocs to let everyone know (in the most meta way) just how much you love your Crocs.


A Build Your Own Cheese Box that's gonna give you a chance to snack on some delicious, fancy cheese you may have otherwise turned your nose at before. Stinky cheese is my one true love.


A sage variety pack with eucalyptus, white and purple flowers, rose petals, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo, rosemary *breath* and sage. If your Halloween plans involve horror movies and Ouija boards...these protective plants just might be a good idea.


A personalized candle you can keep out in the living room to not-so-subtly let your partner know they are, on occasion, rather pungent.


A pack of five cloud or dress tea bags to treat yourself to when a calm night with a book and a cup of tea sounds particularly perfect. Honestly, I've always felt this way. I was born 42. And proud of it.


A deck of black foil playing cards for folks who would love a deck of cards as dark as their sense of humor.

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