Movie Endings That Ruined The Entire Film For People


"The Aladdin remake. I turned into past disenchanted to now not see a battle among Jafar as a snake and Aladdin. Nobody asked for the giant anonymous parrot to chase them thru the town. No one. Give me a snake struggle."


"I hate the finishing of a classic Nineteen Forties film called Gentleman's Agreement. Gregory Peck plays a journalist who pretends to be Jewish as a way to write an article about antisemitism. His female friend is aware of about the ruse and because the tale unfolds, it will become clear that she's a closet antisemite. They argue approximately this however ultimately he remains together with her."


A Simple Favor. It become all mysterious with a few exact twists, then she simply gets hit by using a vehicle and the mothers institution is like, 'Don’t mess with moms' or some shit? The finishing felt like it changed into intended for a one of a kind movie."


I enjoy catastrophe films immensely. That being stated, the ending of Knowing (with Nicolas Cage) was just...Dumb. It kinda ruined the entirety for me and I haven’t watched it on account that."

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