After Yang (2/27)

Like Kogonada’s debut Columbus, After Yang is a movie that seeps into your bones and sticks with you for a long term. Kogonada flawlessly crafts a extraordinarily beautiful and quiet tale of loss, the effect that our lives have on the sector and the humans around us, and what it manner to be human. Kogonada says a lot without announcing much at all, letting the feelings of those characters inform the tale. But After Yang additionally has style for days, a film that remains cool, refreshing and mild, despite its heavier subjects, and Kogonada is aware of the way to body a shot in a way that makes every scene striking. And in a year in which Colin Farrell turned into seemingly anywhere, his reflective overall performance right here is probably his excellent position this yr. Plus, let’s no longer neglect that After Yang has the year’s most imaginitive starting credit, a ridiculously charming dance sequence offering the complete cast. Even even though After Yang facilities round a close to-destiny sci-fi-ish concept of a own family who is trying to fix their android son and brother, Kogonada tells a deeply human story that is hard to shake.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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