Bayonetta 3 (1/11)

Fans have been hoping Bayonetta three could get nominated and even win to make up for Bayonetta 2’s loss in 2014. However, wherein Bayonetta 2 had some stiff competition, Bayonetta 3 had even stiffer competition, and this time, the hack-and-lower recreation failed to even get a nomination. Reddit consumer Hidden_Secret is most upset by means of the snub, questioning why Stray became provided a nomination however Bayonetta three wasn’t.

The Redditor asks, “Stray is nominated for best game of the year but not Bayonetta 3?” However, the cat simulator had an interesting premise, incredible gameplay, and ended up being surprisingly heartfelt. While the threequel’s gameplay and combat mechanics are fun, the story was completely undercooked.

Written by Abu Bakar

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