Elton John (5/20)

“I wasn’t thinking too much about being an artist. I had reached the bottom ebb in my life — the absolute bottom,” the superstar — who is now been sober for 32 years — instructed Variety in 2019.  “I hated myself so much. I became ate up with shame. All I wanted to do turned into get nicely. I put all of the energy I had left in the direction of my restoration. For the primary time in a totally long time, I listened to others closely as I came to remember the fact that I had so much to study.”

In 2020, Elton John shared his thirtieth sober anniversary with a tweet of a cake and an AA coin: “If I hadn’t eventually taken the massive step of asking for assist 30 years ago, I’d be useless. Thank you from the bottom of my coronary heart to all the people who have stimulated and supported me alongside the manner,” he

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Written by Abu Bakar

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