‘Frankenstein’ (1931) & ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (1935) – set in the 1800s (probably) (3/8)

It’s hard to training session precisely whilst the Frankenstein movies are set, admittedly. The first film takes notion from the authentic novel, that is stated to take region inside the 1700s, however then Bride of Frankenstein comes alongside and implies the film is set in 1899. Naturally, there are some combined messages here.

No count, although, because in the end, it’s got a period putting, and even if both films take place in 1899, that also counts because the 1800s. And while different famous Universal monster series’ like The Mummy and Draculafeature delusion or supernatural factors, the Frankenstein series combines horror with technological know-how-fiction, given the monster is created thru technology (and by means of an iconic mad scientist).

Written by Abu Bakar

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