Hatching (Finland) (13/24)

Don’t fret, my beloved horror fans, I have something for you as well. One of this years most grizzly experiments in body horror is this Finnish monster film that debuted at Sundance. Young actress Siiri Solalinna pulls double duty playing both Tinja, an anxious gymnast under constant pressure from her mother to perform well, and Alli, her destructive doppelgänger, that was birthed out of a massive egg. It quickly becomes apparent that Alli is acting on the repressed emotions of Tinja with no regard for how much violence and bloodshed it may take to secure Tinja’s happiness. The film is Dance Moms gone wrong, and for as much fun as the gore is, director Hanna Bergholm paints a startling picture of the immense stress child athletes endure. Not for a million dollars would I ever want to compete at that level. Give me a homicidal avian protector as well.  

Written by Abu Bakar

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