Outer Banks (2020 – ) (8/10)

Outer Banks is a thriller mystery that garnered a massive following, with its 2nd season finding reputation on TikTok as eager lovers attempted to identify clues and even recreated the display’s most famous monologues. After his father disappears, John B and his three closest buddies appearance to find out some gold, but as a substitute discover themselves embroiled in a far darker tale.

Outer Banks is a exquisite mystery for teenagers or even adults seeking out a thriller that offers action whilst heading off scenes of gore and homicide. The series employs a completely unique tempo that builds the suspense nicely, as it expands on its subplots and ensures that each viewer comes returned for extra, making it the correct thriller to binge-watch because of its lighthearted technique that may be consumed faster than darker thrillers.

Written by Abu Bakar

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