Petite Maman (France) (21/24)

And the award for the shortest film on this list goes to… With a runtime of only 72 minutes, Petite Maman is indeed petite, a perfect morsel of a film that you’ll flit through many episodes of prestige television these days. In the followup to her critically acclaimed arthouse juggernaut Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Céline Sciamma tells a much quieter, less assuming tale. Translated to “Little Mother,” the film is about a girl, who in the wake of her grandmother’s death, wanders into the woods and stumbles upon the childhood version of her own mother. The two form a poignant relationship as they discuss their own relationships with their adult mothers and how they relate to one another in their child/adult selves. Short and sweet, it’s a gorgeous watch. 

Written by Abu Bakar

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