Samuel L. Jackson (9/20)

The actor got sober in 1991 after a “crack-brought about meltdown” that resulted in his eight-year-vintage daughter locating him exceeded out in the kitchen surrounded by using his drug paraphernalia. Apparently, he by no means set foot onstage with out “a few kind of substance in his body.”

“I had a superb theatre recognition,” Jackson advised The Guardian. “Granted, I changed into a fucking drug addict and I become out of my thoughts a number of the time, however I had a good reputation. Showed up on time, knew my strains, hit my marks.”

He cited how an awful lot his existence stepped forward after you have sober: “I become doing matters the proper way, it turned into just that one issue that changed into in the way — my dependancy. And once that changed into out of the manner, it changed into — increase! The door blew wide open.”

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Written by Abu Bakar

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