The Worst Person in the World (Norway) (23/24)

Another of last year’s breakout international films was Joachim Trier’s film about a woman (Renate Reinsve) floating aimlessly through life, juggling a pair of relationships and looking for purpose. The film, the third in Trier’s “Oslo Trilogy,” was nominated for both Best International Feature and Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars, with many crying for Reinsve to be nominated in Best Actress for her performance as well. In the titular role, (although, is she the worst person in this cinematic world? Perhaps not. But I digress.) Reinsve, who won the acting prize at Cannes in 2021, delivers an infuriating performance that will make you love and hate this “everywoman” at the same time. She’s a slow-motion train wreck that has you oscillating between cheering her destruction and mourning her losses as each consecutive train jumps the track. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn how to identify an “iconic butthole.” 

Written by Abu Bakar

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