Tunic (4/11)

Mems1224 is yet another gamer upset that stray was nominated over their favorite of the year, only this time, they’re vouching for Tunic. The Redditor mentions, “No offense to Stray because it looks like a decent game but putting that over something far more interesting like Tunic is wild.”


It seems like gamers are overly critical of Stray without having played it, and given its silly premise of controlling a cat in a dystopian city, they’re quick to dismiss it. However, they’re totally missing out, as it’s one of the best-ever cyberpunk games on PS5. Nevertheless, Tunic is fantastic too, and if any indie game deserves more accolades, it’s the action platformer. The new game has a similar aesthetic to an actual Game of the Year-winner, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as it sees players roam around a nature-filled and fantastical open world.

Written by Abu Bakar

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