‘Wild Wild West’ (1999) – set in 1869 (5/8)

Wild Wild West won’t be a specifically correct movie, but it’s far one of the clearest examples of science-fiction transported into the distant beyond. That’s as it’s a rather unholy mashup of the western genre and science-fiction (with a few motion and not mainly humorous comedy brought for “good” degree).

There’s not a great deal about it that works, and in spite of a big price range and frankly particular combo of genres and thoughts – plus an impressive forged led via Will Smith and Kevin Kline – it is sadly a misfire. But typically western/science-fiction hybrids are technological know-how-fiction first, with elements of westerns thrown in for correct measure (think Fireflyor Cowboy Bebop). It is at the least thrilling that Wild Wild West tackles the opposite: being a western first and foremost, with introduced sci-fi elements.

Written by Abu Bakar

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