That Brutal Scene With Joel Sets Up A Major Twist

The Last of Us episode 1 ends with a brutal scene involving Joel and a FEDRA agent which sets up a major twist from the game for the show’s future.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 1.

The Last of Us episode 1 ends with a savage scene among Joel and a FEDRA agent, which starts the HBO adaptations’ foreshadowing of the game’s primary twist. The fundamental tale of The Last of Us episode 1, after the time leap to 2023, makes a speciality of Joel and Tess trying you bought a vehicle battery so that it will look for Joel’s brother Tommy. This leads them to the Fireflies and the organization’s leader, Marlene, who responsibilities Joel and Tess with smuggling a lady named Ellie out of the Boston quarantine area.

At the end of the episode, Joel, Tess, and Ellie are stuck via a FEDRA agent whom Joel has smuggled for inside the past. After Bella Ramsey’s Ellie attacks the defend in order that he does not suppose she is inflamed, he holds her and Joel at gunpoint. This causes Joel, played by means of Pedro Pascal, to assault the guard and brutally beat him to dying. This scene harkens back to the 2003 phase of The Last of Us episode 1 and units up a massive event to be able to take place on the stop of the show.

Why Joel Killed The Cop In Last Of Us Episode 1

The reasoning in the back of Joel’s murder of the FEDRA agent links returned to Sarah’s demise at the cease of the 2003 section of The Last of Us episode 1. After escaping the inflamed, Joel and Sarah are held at gunpoint for worry that they may be infected themselves. The cop retaining them at gunpoint gets word on his radio to kill the duo, with Joel trying to save Sarah’s lifestyles. Tragically, Sarah is shot and killed, which profoundly affects Joel as shown inside the 2023 timeline of The Last of Us.

When the FEDRA agent is conserving Joel and Ellie at gunpoint in 2023, Joel’s trauma reasons his thoughts to go returned to the night of Sarah’s loss of life, and he snaps. Joel tackles the FEDRA agent and brutally beats him to dying, due to the trauma that comes from his incapacity to shop Sarah in 2003. This goes to similarly the setup of how deeply Joel changed into suffering from Sarah’s loss of life, and also establishes the beginnings of Joel and Ellie’s capability dating going ahead.

Joel’s Decision In Episode 1 Will Affect A Future Twist

Warning! Major spoilers for The Last of Us game ahead.

This establishment of Joel and Ellie’s future courting sets up his decision at the quit of the sport. In The Last of Us Part I, after the Fireflies inform Joel that extracting a remedy from Ellie might kill her, Joel decides to shop Ellie’s lifestyles by using killing the Fireflies and all however dooming humanity to the Cordyceps contamination found in HBO’s The Last of Us. The reasoning for this comes from his huge trauma at losing Sarah at the start of the outbreak.

This, blended with the reluctant father-daughter bond he paperwork with Ellie, contributes closer to Joel’s decision to keep her in preference to permit the Fireflies to make the therapy. Through having Joel brutally beat the FEDRA agent to death, HBO’s The Last of Us is already putting in place each the reasoning for his debatable decision later, and also the start of his bond with Ellie. The future episodes of the collection will cope with this, and maintain to installation Joel’s controversial very last twist.

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