The Boys Season 4 Can Finally Introduce Queen Maeve's Son

The Boys season 3 wrapped up Queen Maeve’s storyline very nicely, giving her the happy ending she always wanted, but it can continue in one big way.

Queen Maeve’s tale ended with season three, however it can keep on with the debut of her son in The Boys season four. Queen Maeve, The Boys’ answer to Wonder Woman, is one of the least complex person in the hit Amazon Prime Video collection, frequently using her position to resource the Boys of their conquest towards the tyrannical Supes, mainly Homelander. The Boys season 3 sees her aid come to a head in an epic struggle between the Boys, Golden-Age hero Soldier Boy, and Homelander, which concludes with Maeve throwing herself and Soldier Boy out of a window to save absolutely everyone from his ensuing explosion.

The Boys season three ends with Queen Maeve de-powered and in the end free from beneath the thumb of Homelander and Vought, getting the entirety she ever wanted. However, even though it appears her tale is probably over, her legacy can preserve if The Boys season 4 introduces Maeve’s secret son, Blarney Cock. In the comedian collection, Blarney Cock is the son of Maeve and The Legend and a member of the young Supe team, Teenage Kix, first debuting in The Boys #4 “Cherry, Part 1.” Blarney Cock is one of the greater wicked characters featured inside the comic collection, so might match perfectly within the arguable stay-action series, wearing on Queen Maeve’s legacy in some questionable ways.

The Boys Already Hinted At Blarney Cock In Season 3

Viewers of The Boys collection who may not have study the comics possibly would have overlooked the small tease given for Blarney Cock’s advent in season three, and that they might be grateful for that. During a fight between Billy Butcher’s Boys and Teenage Kix in the comics’ 6th trouble, a Compound V powered Hughie kills Blarney with the aid of punching a hollow through the younger villain’s chest. Once dead, a hamster crawls its way out from Blarney’s rectum in one of the maximum worrying moments of the collection.

Many might flinch if this event turned into to take place on display screen, however with The Boys season three attaining new ranges of depravity, it is certainly now not out of the question, mainly given that terrible Jamie the hamster has already made an look in The Boys season three, episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan.” Jamie famous himself to be a Supe with the strength of flight – Blarney’s potential – who escapes from his cage, flies through a soldier’s eye, and proceeds to eat the soldier’s face.

Blarney Cock Can Explain Black Noir’s The Boys Return

Black Noir will be performing in The Boys season four, despite his death in season 3, episode 8, “The Instant White-Hot Wild.” Black Noir’s go back may be explained the use of Blarney Cock’s comedian storyline, which sees the villain return from the useless thanks to Vought’s new revivification process, though this brings him lower back as a zombie-like and useless model of himself. Ultimately, Blarney turned into killed again when Hughie catches him searching for his hamster, and his body is lit on fireplace to make certain he might not return. Even so, this comic storyline ought to explain Black Noir’s season 4 return in addition to supplying some both stressful and comedic moments.

The introduction of Blarney Cock in The Boys season four ought to cause a brand new segment within the collection’ Compound V storyline, given that it can be revealed that the drug can revive Supes after loss of life. Whether it gets discovered that Blarney is Queen Maeve’s son is another question, due to the fact this is not revealed until an awful lot later within the comics, but his debut can be a notable (and disgusting) way to hold on Maeve’s legacy. Many new characters are set to appear in The Boys season 4, and Blarney Cock should clearly be amongst them.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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