This Foster Chihuahua Hates Everyone And Everything And The Internet Is In Love

Over the direction of the pandemic many humans have followed or began fostering pets, each due to the fact lots of oldsters determined themselves with manner more time on their hands in lockdown and due to the fact absolutely everyone has been clinging to literally any form of socialization and something that offers the slightest little bit of joy in this ceaseless nightmare.

If you haven’t welcomed an animal associate into your existence yet there’s still time, and this is probably the canine for you. So lengthy as you’re not a person, or a child, or a person who lives with men or children, or who has other puppies. Or cats. Or anything else, honestly.


Prancer is a chihuahua from New Jersey and he has a variety of strong feelings. Most of them aren't proper. Since coming into her lifestyles “overweight, wearing a cashmere sweater, with a bacon egg n cheese filled in his crate with him,” Tyfanee Fortuna and her family were fostering Prancer for six months, however the time has come for Fortuna to absolutely positioned the pedal to the steel on her hunt for his all the time domestic — a venture which has proved tough for some of reasons.

In her now-viral Facebook put up, Fortuna describes Prancer and what dwelling with Prancer is like in bright, brutally sincere element, after writing some of drafts to try to make him sound “palatable”.


Fortuna describes Prancer as “50% hate and 50% tremble,” and explains that because his former proprietor, an elderly female transitioning to assisted residing, in no way socialized him, he has a deep loathing for guys, some other animal, and (it’s safe to count on) kids. She is going on to mention that because of this, he probable couldn't live in an condominium complex, until you hate your pals, and that he might probably “ought to be placed away like a vacuum” when employer comes.


“I am satisfied at this point he isn't a real dog, but extra like a vessel for a traumatized Victorian infant that now haunts our domestic.”

Thanks to Fortuna’s hilarious “purchaser pay attention” put up, and because I suppose we all resonate with a grump like Prancer, he has turn out to be an internet sensation. Fortuna says that the turn facet of his terrific, concentrated neurosis is he's relatively dependable, and would make a amazing accomplice for a unmarried girl or a married couple. He likes to go for vehicle rides and although Fortuna admits he does have a “bologna face”, he smiles when he’s glad and continues to be a little bit lovely.

Check out Fortuna’s Facebook publish here, Prancer is available through Second Chance Pet Adoption League.

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