Top 10 Most Populated Countries in the World 2020

#1 Top 10 Most Populated Countries in the World 2020

TOP 10 MOST POPULATED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLDHello Displorers, welcome back to another educative video and thanks for watching. In this video we shall be looking at the top 10 most populated countries in the world. Travelling to different countries can be exciting and fun for a number of reasons. Understanding their culture, history, beliefs and religion are just to name a few. But often, the population gets overlooked, it’s something that’s not really seen to be important for most.Population can turn out to be very beneficial or completely drastic for any given country. Every country needs to manage their overall population in such a manner that they don’t have to face any issues, politically or financially. There are about 7.5 billion people in the world spread across 200 countries, This population is not distributed equally amongst these countries as there are countries that have more population than otherIf you are new here, welcome be sure to subscribe and turn on notification so you don’t miss any of our educative video. Some of the countries with the largest population are not necessarily the largest countries in the world in terms of surface area and vice versa.

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