Top 10 Movies For The True Connoisseurs Of All Things Creepy

#1 The Haunting (1963)

I stayed up until 2:00 am on a Saturday to watch this movie, and it didn't disappoint. Based on a novel by Shirley Jackson called The Haunting of Hill House and directed by Robert Wise, The Haunting stars Julie Harris as a woman that has an eerie connection to a haunted house. No doubt, many of you have probably seen the 1999 remake or the Netflix series that also were based on the Jackson novel, but I highly encourage that you watch the original.

#3 The Silence of the Lambs Official Trailer #1 – Anthony Hopkins M

This movie is one of my all-time faves. I’ve read the novel by Thomas Harris, and I’m here to tell you that the movie is actually better. We all know how that rarely happens, but the actors in this movie made the characters so much more interesting than they were in the book. I loved everything about this movie from start to finish. The ending scene in the basement is one of the most intense and terrifying scenes of any movie, bar none. And we can't forget one of the most iconic last lines: "I do wish we could chat longer, but... I'm having an old friend for dinner.”

#4 The Witch | Official Trailer HD | A24

This period piece is truly terrifying in its simplicity. Religion, possession, and the creepiest goat you will ever see come together to create the perfect recipe for an award-winning horror film. And let's face it – you can’t go wrong with an Anya-Joy Taylor movie.

#5 Frailty (2001) – Trailer

This might be one of the most underrated horror movies of all time. This movie begins when a father tells his two young sons that he's been chosen by God to kill the demons that walk the earth. The problem is, he's the only one that can see the demons. To everyone else, he's killing ordinary people. I promise you that this movie will quickly become one of your favorites. And, yes, it does star a young Matthew McConaughey.

#6 The Blackcoat’s Daughter | Official Trailer HD | A24

Alternately titled February, this atmospheric thriller has a lot to take in so you really need to pay attention. It's also one of those movies that's better the second time you watch it. I think this is the reason the reviews are less than stellar. It’s worth watching just to see the sweet and pretty Kiernan Shipka quickly become a disturbing character that's neither sweet nor pretty.

#7 Fallen (1998) Official Trailer – Denzel Washington, John Goodman

When a cop (played by a young Denzel Washington) says what he thinks are his final goodbyes to a vicious murderer, he soon realizes the murderer is just getting started. You see, the murderer isn’t the flesh and blood man that's being executed; the murderer is an ancient demon that can easily move from person-to-person wreaking havoc on the lives it touches. I thought the director, Gregory Hoblit, did a great job demonstrating this without making it campy. And I'll just say this – time isn’t always on your side when you’re dealing with demons.

#8 Paranormal Activity (2009) Official Trailer #1 – Found Footage H

I’m counting these as one movie because they run parallel as a sequel and prequel. I’ve always felt like the less you see of “the scary thing,” the scarier it is. I think our own imaginations can create something much more terrifying to us as an individual than what a special-effects person can create. These movies prove that point better than most. I found them intense and scary.

#10 Sinister Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Ethan Hawke Horror Movie H

This movie begins when a true-crime author decides to move his family into a home where horrific murders took place. However, he conveniently forgets to tell them about this tiny detail. As he watches horrific 8mm home movies he finds in the attic, things slowly begin to unravel for his family. Warning: this is not a warm, fuzzy movie.

#11 The Descent (2005) Official Trailer #1 – Horror Movie HD

There are several reasons this movie made my list. First of all, it takes place deep underground in a cave system. Nope. The group of badass women that are spelunking get lost and can’t find their way out. Nope. There are large biped bat-like creatures that track the girls by sound because they’re blind from living in the cave. Nope. This movie made me very tense, and I realized I was clenching my teeth a lot. Otherwise, they might have chattered. Plus, the cover art is pure genius.

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