Black Adam: The Main Characters Ranked From Least To Most Heroic

Like any compelling superhero movie, the characters in Black Adam fall all along the spectrum of good and evil.

Spoiler alert: This article spoils parts of Black Adam.

The DCU’s closing couple of movies have shined as vibrant a highlight on their villains as the protagonists, with the villain-turned-anti-hero Black Adam being the most recent character to get hold of his very own film. Black Adam has a long, complex records in the pages of DC Comics, so fanatics approached the movie wondering how heroic he would be and what position the Justice Society of America might play.

Black Adam isn’t the only person whose morality is painted in colors aside from easy black and white. Like any compelling superhero film, the characters inside the film fall all alongside the spectrum of excellent and evil.

Ishmael Gregor/Sabbac

No character who makes a deal with demons to be resurrected and bring hell to Earth will be confused for a good guy. Even before becoming the champion of hell as Sabbac, Ishmael showed that he was willing to lie, kidnap a child and hurt Karim to get the crown.

Being the antagonist who faces off with the previous villain Black Adam, Sabbac is a straight forward baddie with out a real redeeming characteristics. As Ishmael Gregor and Sabbac both, this man or woman is a champion of hell at some stage in the whole movie.

Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson performs the protagonist of Black Adam but plays him in a win-at-all-cost mindset that extra antiheroic than altruistic. What makes Teth Adam a hero each in and out of the comics is his willingness to defend Kandaq, with his starting place story being extraordinary and greater villainous within the comics.

The amount of killing and destruction he wrought whilst he first lower back, not to say his lack of remore, were clean signs and symptoms that he turned into no pure-hearted hero. However, the goodness inside him may be visible while he speaks of his son and his legacy of shielding the liberty of Kandaq.

Amon Tomaz

An avid fan of superheroes, Amon Tomaz teaches Adam approximately the modifications that have befell within the global and to apply his powers to be Kandaq’s private hero. Amon has demonstrated a hero in his very own right through his excessive-ranking bravery as he inspired the residents of Kandaq to combat returned.

Amon sees Adam as a hero regardless of being oblivious to his cruel ways. He appears as bloodthirsty as Adam when he starts to guide murder for freedom.


In the character’s first live-action movie appearance, the winged hero Hawkman was named leader of the Justice Society of America and given the task to stop Black Adam before he causes more damage. Hawkman tries his best to talk to Adam to prevent further destruction and encourages him to use his powers to help others instead of harming them.

Hawkman focuses on his mission first, which distracts him from a bigger threat Sabacca’s crown. Adrianna Tomaz questions his heroism for protecting America and not helping Kandaq through their oppression of freedom.

Atom Smasher

With powers exceeded down thru the own family, Atom Smasher is new to the group with little experience. He makes use of his massive length to help others by way of conserving down Black Adam and by saving Kandaq residents from being smashed by a large statue.

He by no means confirmed an evil side, however his awkwardness and clumsiness can get in the manner as validated while knocking Hawkman out of the sky creating tension between the two. Atom Smasher could combat villains with Black Adam like in the comics and may make a high-quality hero whilst he learns the way to grasp his powers.

Adrianna Tomaz

Adrianna Tomaz left her job as a trainer to hide Sabbac’s crown in her fight in opposition to Intergang. She places the whole lot on the road to shield not just her domestic however additionally her son Amon. When Adam encouraged Amon to fight and not using a mercy towards their enemies, she could remind her son and Black Adam himself of the importance of displaying mercy.

Her biggest flaw is her faulty moves to unfastened Black Adam from his jail. She changed into ignorant of it being his tomb as she didn’t understand that Black Adam turned into the daddy of the real hero of Kandaq that she turned into trying to find. She would then stand in the manner of the JSA’s project to seize Black Adam, so he should keep their domestic notwithstanding his godly powers being a chance to the arena.


Like Atom Smasher, Cyclone is new to the group however is smart and type to everybody. Experimented at an early age to receive the powers of wind control, she makes use of her powers to help incorporate Black Adam.

Her kindness was shown the maximum via her bond with Atom Smasher as each new participants of the team were supportive of every different and helped make Amon feel like a hero. As exceptional and beneficial as she became, there has been no grand act that proved simply how a great deal of a hero she virtually is.

Dr. Fate

Kent Nelson possessed the powerful helmet of Nabu’s that grants its wearer magical powers. Kent Nelson’s potential to peer the future permits him to remain cool, calm and patient with the brand new recruits and with Black Adam. While Hawkman is at odds with Black Adam, Kent speaks to him as an equal instead of without a doubt a unfavourable pressure of nature.

Kent’s most heroic act changed into sacrificing himself to keep the existence of his longtime buddy, Hawkman. He became willing to defy fate to guard his allies and help all. Opposite of Black Adam, he didn’t see himself as a God but as a person given powers to help others.

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