Christian Bale’s Acting Career Secretly Reveals The Pale Blue Eye’s Twist

Netflix’s The Pale Blue Eye sees Christian Bale as a detective in a mystery with a big twist, but his acting career might’ve helped predict the twist.

A look into Christian Bale’s career may help you figure out the twist in The Pale Blue Eye, a detective mystery with a significant twist. Christian Bale has been performing for many years, beginning as a young actor but achieving even greater notoriety in his later performances. The most noteworthy of these is his portrayal of Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Due to his flexibility, the majority of fans would likely think of him as one of, if not the best, actors currently working, and he takes that talent to Netflix with The Pale Blue Eye.

Augustus Landor, the investigator played by Bale in The Pale Blue Eye, is attempting to solve a series of murders. The Pale Blue Eye is entertaining because it has Edgar Allan Poe, played by Harry Melling, as a figure who collaborates with Christian Bale’s character on the mystery. Christian Bale is known for dramatic physical transformations, but The Pale Blue Eye uses another Bale trademark to support the twist rather than one of his more well-known physical transformations.

Christian Bale’s Biggest Roles Hint At The Pale Blue Eye’s Big Twist

The revelation in The Pale Blue Eye that reveals Christian Bale’s character, Augustus Landor, is the murderer makes a lot of sense when you examine Bale’s past with characters who have secrets. The film makes use of Edgar Allan Poe to explain the twist in his final confrontation with Christian Bale’s character, revealing that Landor was out for vengeance on those who had sexually assaulted his daughter and driven her to commit suicide. It’s a surprising turn because Bale is playing the detective, but it’s not surprising given Bale’s skill at portraying characters with secret identities, which he demonstrated in his two most well-known performances.

Many people have adopted the persona of Batman. While Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of Batman is currently in the spotlight, many people actually prefer Christian Bale’s portrayal of the character. Batman is a fictional character who has two identities—that of wealthy businessman Bruce Wayne and his secret persona as Batman. In The Dark Knight Trilogy, Bale had to strike a balance between the two personas. He also performed a similar action while playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. He presents a front in his professional life while acting like a serial killer in reality. So it seems sense that Bale could convince the audience that he was a trustworthy detective in The Pale Blue Eye before revealing that he was the murderer.

How The Pale Blue Eye Mirrors Some Of Bale’s Biggest Characters

The comparison between the Patrick Bateman and the Pale Blue Eye goes beyond the idea of covert identities. Even though Augustus Landor and Patrick Bateman are both murderers, their motivations differ, making them seem more dissimilar than they actually are. The latest mystery on Netflix does a good job of establishing Landor’s motivation, among other things. He is not killing people arbitrarily; rather, he is seeking retribution for the death of his daughter. Fans of Batman will recognise the connection between Bruce Wayne’s quest for justice in Gotham and the death of his parents.

Bale makes a comeback to characters that have secret identities in The Pale Blue Eye. It demonstrates his adaptability and audience-persuasiveness. Even while The Pale Blue Eye will never be as well-known as The Dark Knight Trilogy or American Psycho, it nevertheless has a surprising twist, thanks in part to Christian Bale’s acting prowess.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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