DC Just Revealed ANOTHER Arrowverse Batman

An off-hand remark in Stargirl reveals that Batman exists in some form on Earth-2 in the new Arrowverse, although he might not be a JSA ally.

Warning! SPOILERS for Stargirl: Frenemies – Chapter 10, “The Killer.”

A comment regarding one individual’s stealthy break out in Stargirl season three revealed that another model of Batman exists at the Arrowverse world of Earth-2. It is unclear, but, if Batman is one of the rare superheroes operating unbiased of the Justice Society of America within the Stargirl putting or if he’s a fictional character. Either alternative is equally in all likelihood, although the fact that his name changed into dropped by means of the paranormal Thunderbolt genie (who exists among realities) suggests even greater alternatives. In any case, Batman appears to be recognized to the human beings of Earth-2.

Batman’s call was dropped in the Stargirl season three episode “Chapter 10, The Killer,” as Mike Dugan, Jakeem Williams and the Thunderbolt made their break out from the lair of the villain referred to as the Ultra-Humanite. The three wound up caught in a trap set by way of Cindy “Shiv” Burman, who became also looking the Ultra-Humanite. While Shiv freed them from her net, she was quick to disappear as soon as Mike and Jakeem had been distracted, prompting the Thunderbolt to excitedly claim Shiv become “just like Batman.” Mike and Jakeem did now not seem harassed by means of the reference, suggesting that Batman exists in a few form within the Arrowverse international of Earth-2.

Batman’s Comic History With The JSA Explained

When the Justice Society of America turned into created in 1940, both Batman and Superman had been apparently absent from its club. This was due to a rule the JSA passed (mirroring a rule created through the real phrase editors at DC Comics) that they would most effective offer complete JSA club to the ones heroes who did not have their own comic e-book. This curious rule led to the Jay Garrick Flash and Alan Scott Green Lantern being pressured to give up their memberships in the JSA after they have become famous sufficient to advantage their very own solo comedian e book collection.

This truth-breaking rule became modified within the Silver Age of Comics, when the JSA become moved to the exchange truth of Earth-2 in DC Comics’ multiverse and the Golden Age versions of Batman and Superman have been allowed to be complete participants of the JSA, even though they had been no longer among its founders. The history changed once more following Crisis on Infinite Earths, which changed the timeline in order that the JSA were formed all through World War II, lengthy earlier than Superman and Batman had been born. Despite this, a time tour journey allowed Batman and Superman to be there whilst the JSA turned into first formed, with Superman by chance suggesting the crew’s call.

Who Earth-2’s Batman Could Be

The easiest reason behind the Batman reference in Stargirl season three is that Batman exists as an independent hero on the Arrowverse’s Earth-2, who occasionally worked with the authentic Justice Society of America. This might be constant with most of his history in the comics. It is also possible that the Thunderbolt encountered Batman when the JSA met the heroes of any other Earth. This possibility has been referenced in different Arrowverse series, consisting of when General Sam Lane instructed his grandsons that he had “glimpses of other worlds and the leagues of superheroes they have got on them,” confirming that Superman and Lois is not set on Earth-Prime.

Another fun opportunity, which would give an explanation for why Mike and Jakeem realize who Batman turned into, is that Batman simplest exists as a fictional character on Earth-2. This turned into the case for numerous Arrowverse heroes in the setting of Black Lightning, earlier than Jefferson Pierce’s Earth was merged into the brand new Earth-Prime. Both Vixen and Supergirl were referred to as fictional superheroes who have been famous with cosplay fans and Jefferson became astonished to meet  exceptional variations of Superman for the duration of the Crisis on Infinite Earths occasion, as he simplest knew Superman as a comic book person. It’s feasible that Batman enjoys a similar repute on Earth-2 in the international of Stargirl.

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