Doctor Doom In Black Panther 3 Would Complete The Franchise's Best Trick

Doctor Doom as the villain in Black Panther 3 would continue the perfect trend established by the first Black Panther film and Wakanda Forever.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Following Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Doctor Doom becoming the villain for Black Panther 3 can continue the franchise’s great trick for the MCU. Debuting the country of Wakanda within the first movie, the Black Panther movies excel at international-building, expanding the geography of the MCU in some very remarkable ways. As such, Victor von Doom creates a completely exciting possibility for Black Panther three.

While no longer overtly referenced in Wakanda Forever, there are a handful of ways that Doctor Doom may want to seem in Black Panther three. The Dora Milaje’s Midnight Angel armor debuted inside the comics when Wakanda became at war with Doom. Ironheart’s comics profession began with encounters with Doom while he took Iron Man’s mantle. Doctor Doom has additionally sought Wakanda’s vibranium for its precise capability to harness magical electricity (which has now not but been seen inside the MCU). However, Namor also predicts that Wakanda will quickly discover itself assailed with the aid of rival international locations, and one state, in particular, may be main the fee in Black Panther 3.

Doctor Doom’s Latveria Continues A Black Panther Worldbuilding Trick

The debut of Doctor Doom within the MCU would maximum in all likelihood mean the creation of Latveria as well, the state from which Victor policies with an iron fist. Located in Eastern Europe, Latveria is a small but effective nation, guarded by means of an army of Victor’s own Doombots. It’s additionally a bastion sanctuary in which Doctor Doom is absolutely untouchable, daring any us of a to step foot on Latveria’s sovereign soil (which could be seen as an act of conflict).

The advent of Latveria would maintain the Black Panther franchise’s global-building trend. The first film evidently debuted the name of the game African kingdom of Wakanda and Wakanda Forever added viewers to Namor’s undersea kingdom of Talokan. As such, Latveria might continue the sample through offering an entire new state to be explored, uniquely ruled by one of the Marvel Universe’s largest villains.

Why The Black Panther Series Is So Good At World Building

The Black Panther movies have been pulling double duty so far. The movies have improved the tale of the Black Panther whilst additionally increasing the MCU with new locales and shaking up the geopolitical landscape. This is probably why the Black Panther films are so suitable at world-constructing inside the first area. There are robust narrative reasons for debuting these new nations which create lasting affects on the MCU at massive. The danger of Namor’s Talokan being exposed kicks off a massive struggle with Wakanda while a vibranium hands race begins inside the historical past (and will probably maintain in the MCU’s future).

Latveria possibly debuting inside the destiny would be a natural next step following Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. How will the MCU react to a brand new nation ruled by using a chief supervillain? Continuing the world-constructing trend through Doctor Doom and his European kingdom in Black Panther three is a very interesting possibility the MCU could and have to take gain of.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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