Everything We Know About Wednesday Season 2

Following the climactic season 1 finale of Tim Burton’s Wednesday, here’s everything we know about season 2 of Netflix’s Addams Family show.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1!

Netflix’s Addams Family show sets up the possibility of Wednesday season 2. Directed by Tim Burton, Wednesday’s eight-episode first season follows Wednesday Addams as she’s sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for supernatural “outcasts.” Wednesday season 1 primarily consists of the title character learning to adjust to her new school while solving a murder mystery that impacted her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams 30 years ago. While the series surrounds the coming-of-age story of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, the spooky members of the iconic Addams family are still integral to the murderous plot.

Wednesday Addams may have already solved season 1’s main mystery by exposing Tyler as the Hyde monster and Miss Thornhill, A.K.A. Laurel Gates, as the vengeful outcast killer, but Wednesday’s season 1 ending hints that there’s still more story to tell. Wednesday’s season 1 finale makes sure to leave a few burning questions unanswered and loose ends untied, as Jenna Ortega’s gothic character has already made enemies through her murder investigation. As such, it’s more than likely that Wednesday will discover more Addams family secrets and investigate her new stalker in another season. Here’s everything we know about Wednesday season 2, including the potential release date, story, and cast.

Is Wednesday Season 2 Happening? What’s Been Said

Wednesday season 2 has yet to be renewed by Netflix. However, Netflix typically doesn’t give new shows multiple seasons right off the bat. Additionally, since Wednesday isn’t being adapted from a book or media that already lays out a multi-season plan, the series’ renewal status will largely be based on the first season’s popularity upon release. Wednesday’s co-creator Alfred Gough revealed that he has already had discussions about the prospect of Wednesday season 2, as he feels that “there’s definitely more that you can explore in the world of the Adamses.”

While there’s not a set date for when Netflix would announce Wednesday season 2, the streaming service typically renews shows within three months after their season 1 premiere. As such, confirmation of Wednesday’s season 2 renewal status can be expected to arrive around February 2023. If Tim Burton returns for Wednesday season 2, the Addams Family show will mark the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns that he has directed a “sequel” to one of his projects.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Although the gap between seasons of Netflix original shows varies, Wednesday season 2’s release date can be predicted based on the production timeline of season 1. Netflix officially ordered Wednesday season 1 in February 2021, with the show beginning filming in September 2021. Since Wednesday premiered a little over a year after filming began, season 2 will also likely require at least another year after it’s officially renewed. However, Wednesday is a special case considering the Addams Family content is typically tailored to fall releases. As such, Wednesday season 2’s release date will likely fall around November 2023 at the earliest, but could get pushed back to a spooky winter debut.

How Wednesday’s Ending Sets Up Season 2’s Story

Wednesday’s season 1 finale features plenty of loose ends that require another season to tie up, so it’s more than likely that the Addams Family TV show will return for a second murder mystery. In Wednesday’s season 1 ending, the title character is returning home for summer break only to receive threatening texts from a mysterious number. The texts include images of Wednesday speaking to Tyler in the coffee shop and Xavier giving her a new phone, with Wednesday surmising that she now has her own nefarious stalker. Wednesday’s season 1 finale thus sets up a mysterious foe for the title character in season 2, suggesting Joseph Crackstone’s plan to eradicate outcasts isn’t entirely over.

The final sequence of season 1 also reveals that Tyler can still turn into a Hyde, which hints that he’ll come back for revenge against Morticia and Gomez’s daughter in Wednesday season 2. The first season also teased a potential romance between 16-year-old Wednesday Addams and Xavier Thorpe, which could finally come to fruition in Wednesday season 2 now that Tyler has been captured. Additionally, Wednesday season 1 never gave a definitive answer on whether Bianca Barclay would be returning to Nevermore Academy, with a second season presumably better exploring her mother’s cult. Since Wednesday had a “successful” year at Nevermore, it’s possible that Wednesday season 2’s story will see her brother Pugsley Addams become a student.

Which Cast Members Could Return For Wednesday Season 2

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