Fast & Furious Update Makes Rock's Return More Important (&

The latest update about the future of Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious franchise, makes his return even less likely, while also much more important.

The latest update on the future of Hobbs & Shaw 2 means it’s even more unlikely that that Rock will return to The Fast & Furious franchise, despite it being more important than ever. During an interview with producer, Kelly McCormick revealed that a sequel to 2019’s Hobbs and Shaw is not in development and probably won’t happen unless Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s schedule clears. It’s unlikely then that audiences will ever get to see Luke Hobbs return to The Fast & Furious franchise, a crying shame for fans of the series.

Luke Hobbs’ last appearance in the main saga was during The Fate of the Furious, having come full circle with the Toretto family and solidified himself as a friend of the crew. His last appearance in canon was during Hobbs & Shaw, and while he and long-time rival Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) seemed to have patched things up while taking down super-soldier Brixton Lore (Idris Elba), there was a sting in the tail of the film. Both Ryan Reynolds and Rob Delaney appear in cameos, hinting at more spy work to be done. McCormick said this was purposeful, and there was more story to tell, it just seems to be ever more unlikely that audiences will get to see it.

No Hobbs & Shaw 2 Means The Main Fast Saga Needs The Rock Back

Luke Hobbs was initially just another antagonist for Toretto’s crew to overcome. Brought in to bring them down in Fast Five, his character wasn’t developed beyond the stereotypical government agent out to bring criminals to justice. However, Hobbs has since appeared in four more films, and he has become an essential element of the franchise. Hobbs’ involvement has changed the franchise and he is integral to the plots of Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7 where his backstory has been filled in, rounding out Hobbs as a fully formed character. If McCormick’s update holds true, then Hobbs will simply disappear from the franchise.

If there is no Hobbs & Shaw 2, then the main saga needs The Rock back. While the story of Fast X is still being kept under wraps, it’s certain to include a threat or threats against Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family. While audiences can guess at how The Fast & Furious will end, it’s almost certain to involve a globe-trotting adventure and the confirmation of both John Cena and Charlize Theron returning as Jakob Toretto and Cipher, means the government will most likely play a part. In-universe, all of this would clearly lead to some involvement from Hobbs, making his potential future absence all the more jarring.

The Rock’s Fast & Furious Return Is Even Less Likely Now

While it’s more important than ever to have Luke Hobbs return to The Fast & Furious franchise, it feels less and less likely. The well-documented and long-running feud between both Johnson and Diesel culminated in Johnson choosing not to return to The Fate of the Furious. He put this down to ‘fundamental differences’ between the two actors during an interview with Rolling Stone. This saw Johnson leave the main franchise, but retain his character through Hobbs and Shaw. If he bites the bullet, buries the hatchet, and returns to The Fast & Furious now, it could be the nail in the coffin for Hobbs and Shaw 2, but Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson doesn’t seem like someone who would ever admit defeat.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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