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What if the audience was actually Sauron the entire time?

A exquisite deal of the amusing of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, similarly to the appropriate visuals provided with the aid of its huge finances, become the persistent flow of fan theories that morphed and changed each week as new records become revealed by way of every passing episode. As enthusiasts will must wait what’s going to in all likelihood be a depressingly long time earlier than Season 2, however, the put off is probably to offer adequate time for all of the theories to develop and fester inside the absence of new statistics. Not to mention all of the new theories which might be probable to be dreamed up inside the intervening time as properly.

Well-based or absolutely out of left field, but, fan theories catch on due to the fact they create a compelling backstory and narrative that probably explains the moves of the plot onscreen, but a long way-fetched those ideas is probably. Some of them are even subsequently revealed to be genuine, however even the wrong theories provide a outstanding deal of amusing, as an engaged target market enjoys exploring the potential furnished with the aid of the premises of an interesting tale, regardless of whether or not it surely comes to pass.

So too has the case been for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. While the book is closed on Season 1, there may be still an entire host of theories for the plot of Season 2 and past. While a number of these causes are plausible, and some may additionally also be more likely than now not; others are sincerely impossible however interesting. That, of route, is half of the a laugh despite the fact that: all of the ideas and possibilities that are yet to return will necessarily cause new hosts of theories even as the story remains unfinished. The opportunities on my own provide some pleasing meals for idea. For the following couple of years, as always, things are going to be pretty interesting in the global of Middle-earth.

What Will the Story Do With Sauron’s Disguises?

In Tolkien’s stories, further to being the Dark Lord Morgoth’s greatest servant, Sauron is a shape-shifter who cunningly uses his disguises to mislead and control his enemies. So a long way, but, the show has carried out little with that feature, although it has truely performed into his misleading talents. The 2d season has promised to consciousness greater on Sauron as a individual, however, and the narrative emphasis may additionally nicely sooner or later put Sauron’s disguises to work, whether or not as part of his backstory or as some type of twist display in a while down the road.

Speaking of Sauron’s actions and plans, as well, There are a number of curious possibilities that may be explored in the approaching season. Given the reality that Isildur (Maxim Baldry) has lots more to do in Tolkien’s timeline, it is in all likelihood that Season 2 will discover the son of Elendil (Lloyd Owen) all of sudden (or absolutely-expectedly) alive and nicely, however misplaced within the wasteland of Mordor. A fascinating possibility that offers itself, of path, is that Halbrand-Sauron (Charlie Vickers) encounters Isildur, who knows nothing of Halbrand’s genuine identity, and that Isildur is by some means hoodwinked via the Dark Lord in the method.

Is The Stranger Really Gandalf?

All the smart fan theories approximately the viable identity of The Stranger (Daniel Weyman) seemed to hit the bricks whilst The Stranger dropped a totally Gandalf-esque line on the quit of the ultimate episode, as well as displaying movie-Gandalf’s curious affinity for moths. Everyone wishes a interest, I think. But outside of the heavy-passed winks on the target market, nowhere become it definitely showed that The Stranger in reality is Gandalf, and the showrunners in recent interviews have extensively avoided confirming his identification as well.

If, against all proof, he truly turns out not to be Gandalf, though, some thrilling possibilities are nonetheless available. He turned into definitely recognized as an “istar” within the last episode, however that still left the possibility for a few exceptional characters past Gandalf. He may be one of the Blue Wizards, as Tolkien placed them in Rhûn inside the Second Age, where The Stranger is currently heading. The identification of him as “the alternative” as well leaves open a fair stranger opportunity (pun supposed). Instead of Sauron, he might be, like Sauron, “the alternative” recognized servant of the Vala Aulë. Sauron was as soon as a servant of Aulë, but some other one in every of Aulë’s servants changed into an Istar who ended up being higher known as the wizard Saruman.

What About the Entwives?

While the ents handiest regarded in brief in a cameo in Episode 1, even their brief inclusion in the story sparked fan theories approximately the position that the ents could play within the story. Of course, the best mystery of the ents from The Lord of the Rings had to do with the unexplained loss of the entwives. While Tolkien later gave some clarification as to what occurred to them, the show could in all likelihood come to be exploring the separation of the ents and the entwives’ ultimate destiny.

Will Glorfindel Finally Get His Due?

The elf Glorfindel has been not noted of quite lots every edition of The Lord of the Rings, however the skydiving, balrog-slaying, reincarnated superb-elf may well in the end get his due in some unspecified time in the future in the course of Amazon’s collection. His reincarnated return to Middle-earth supposedly got here someday in the center of the Second Age, so it would suit within the timeline of the collection. On the other hand, he could equally well simply be written out in choose of some other character, once more.

Tom Bombadil Needs to Catch a Break

Speaking of missing solid participants, every other individual who’s constantly left at the slicing room ground is Tom Bombadil, the mysterious spirit of Middle-earth who bounds into The Fellowship of the Ring and gets the hobbits out of a decent spot earlier than hosting them over a rainy weekend, all the whilst bouncing along and making a song a nonsense music to himself. He has a mysterious history and is the most effective person within the e book over whom the Ring has no energy whatsoever, but has apparently been inside the global considering the beginning of time itself. Even as a short cameo, consisting of Tom Bombadil may want to do lots greater for the story (and for the target audience) than another edition has executed.

Okay, But Is the Fading Actually Happening?

When Episode five found out the Silmaril-mild-based totally mithril backstory, the massive bounce from canonical fabric led some of human beings to name into question its validity and spawned an entire new collection of smart theories. These theories claimed that the fading of the tree and the elves, and its connection to the want for mithril, turned into certainly a part of a devious plot of Sauron to get the elves to create the Rings of Power so that he should take advantage of their handiwork.

Of course, all of those theories seemed to expire of steam while the season finale appeared to verify that the mithril-mild rejuvenation concept become not truly a plot of Sauron. The sheer wildness of the idea, but, has led a few to maintain on to the hope, towards all odds, that it nevertheless may be found out to be a protracted-standing scheme of Sauron. It would in all likelihood undercut the drama in retrospect, but there is nevertheless a instead strangled path by way of which the mithril story would possibly unravel and be revealed as a part of some devious grasp plan.

The screen of Halbrand as Sauron appeared incredibly out of step together with his actions earlier inside the season, and so some viewers have maintained, towards the monitor, that Halbrand can not certainly be Sauron. Or as a substitute, that the Halbrand who is revealed as Sauron in Episode eight is not virtually the Halbrand visible in the rest of the season. In order to square this weird circle, the rationale given is that the real Halbrand turned into in reality killed in the eruption of Mount Doom in Episode 6, and Sauron took on his identity, feigning an damage so that he would be introduced to Eregion to keep his devious plans. Of path, unless the charred corpse of the actual Halbrand indicates up in Mordor in Season 2, this one is possibly a long shot.

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