HOTD Season 2 Can Finally Answer Alicent Hightower’s Biggest Mystery

House of the Dragon season 2 can finally answer a big mystery about Queen Alicent Hightower that George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood book never solved.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon and George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood!

House of the Dragon season 2 still has masses of mysteries to reply about its important characters, which includes one approximately Queen Alicent Hightower’s family. While George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood ebook has already revealed the foremost storylines, rumors, and remaining fates for most people of House of the Dragon’s characters, there may be still a lot left untold that the series can in the end solution. Since Fire & Blood skips the childhoods of lots of House of the Dragon’s grownup characters, such as Daemon, Viserys, Alicent, and Criston, the HBO show can ultimately reveal their missing backstories.

Queen Alicent Hightower remains one of the maximum mysterious characters in each Fire & Blood and House of the Dragon, with very little being regarded approximately her life before coming to King’s Landing. By the time House of the Dragon begins, definitely all that is known about teenage Alicent is that she’s committed to the Faith of the Seven, her father Otto makes use of her for political gain, and her mom died while she changed into very younger. Now that the psyche and real history of Alicent Hightower’s existence are being explored, House of the Dragon season 2 can finally provide an explanation for certainly one of the most important mysteries concerning her formative years.

Who Is Alicent Hightower’s Mother?

Young Alicent Hightower regularly discusses the grief of dropping her mom whilst she turned into young, though little to not anything is absolutely recognized about her aside from her non secular devotion, which Alicent persevered. Otto now and again tells Alicent that she looks as if her mother, however that is the most that House of the Dragon season 1 genuinely famous about her. As Alicent takes on a greater vast level of energy within the realm all through House of the Dragon season 2, the mystery of her past due mom’s identity wishes to eventually be solved.

Neither House of the Dragon nor George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood provide any indication as to who Alicent’s mom could have been. She’s presumed to have been a noble girl from the Reach considering she become married to Otto Hightower, the second son of the effective ruler in Oldtown, although the dearth of characters referencing her suggests she become from a rather lesser house. House of the Dragon highlights many households who lost their energy or went extinct before Game of Thrones, so it’s also possible that Alicent Hightower’s mother changed into from a residence that have become obscure even with the aid of the prequel’s timeline.

Why Alicent’s Mother Could Be Big For The Targaryen Civil War

Discovering the identification of Alicent’s mother could be important for expertise the House of the Dragon character’s heritage better, however it can even have a massive significance in Rhaenyra and Aegon’s civil warfare. House of the Dragon season 2 will retain seeing the Greens and Blacks recruit diverse homes round the area to their causes, although it’s unclear who else Alicent will attraction to after Otto already called Oldtown’s bannermen to Aegon’s facet. However, House of the Dragon revealing which house Alicent’s mom came from will be vital in gaining some other family for Aegon II Targaryen’s purpose.

Alicent has the power of Oldtown on her aspect due to her father, however it might be a greater addition to her story if the circle of relatives of her mom clearly confirmed up for her in a time of want. As the Targaryen civil struggle keeps, Alicent seems to be in addition breaking faraway from the have an impact on of Otto and House Hightower, so seeing her connect with her mom’s background could be how she rebels from in the Greens. Since family history, connections between youngsters and their parents, and loyalty are principal issues of the collection, House of the Dragon season 2’s civil struggle would be all of the more thrilling if Alicent reclaims her mom’s house.

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