Hulk's Deadliest Form Ever Is Being Unleashed Vs. Bruce Banner

The deadliest Hulk ever is about to begin his final battle against the Hulk, as the hero is fighting one of his strongest and most powerful foes.

Spoilers for Hulk #14 by Marvel Comics

The very last conflict between the Hulk and the deadliest Hulk ever, Titan, is coming to the Marvel Universe as all hell is set to be unleashed. In a brand new preview for Hulk #14 through Ryan Ottley and Frank Martin, Bruce Banner faces off against the darkest side of Hulk as he refuses to be repressed any further interior his mind. The fight will installation what is coming subsequent inside the Hulk’s memories, as Marvel is teasing the present day arc going off with a bang.

Titan is a dark new personality from the Hulk, who’s accountable for one of the deadliest incidents concerning Bruce Banner that positioned him in the bad books of the Avengers and the majority on Earth. In the current Hulk series from Donny Cates (who recently exited the collection), Ryan Ottley, and Frank Martin, Banner absolutely transformed himself as he pilots the Hulk from inner his psyche like a starship. However, after Banner lost manage, Titan emerged, because the hero appeared to have few ways to stop the deadliest Hulk ever. Now, Marvel Comics is setting the level for the last combat among Hulk and Titan.

Titan Is About To Make Hulk’s Life A Living Hell

In a new look at Hulk #14 by using Ryan Ottley and Frank Martin from Marvel Comics, Bruce Banner’s peace on Hulk Planet is set to be interrupted through Titan. As the Jade Giant attempts to enjoy paradise on a planet he’s worshipped on millions of miles faraway from Earth, the deadliest Hulk ever will emerge again as Banner can not suppress his darkest aspect. Unfortunately, Hulk Planet ought to come to be one of the casualties of Titan’s exceptional powers being unleashed in a combat against Banner and his immense form.

It would be pretty a loss for the Hulk to land on a planet in which he is admired and worshipped, handiest to have his dark personality, Titan, damage a international that could be his lengthy-term domestic. Hulk has already misplaced a lot after the events of Planet Hulk, so Titan has a threat to do even more harm to the hero. Since the Hulk is loss of life, possibly the deadliest Hulk ever breaking loose is come what may related to his contemporary nation.

Ryan Ottley said in Marvel’s press launch that he’s excited to see Titan delivered to Hulk’s rogue gallery and hopes to see the deadliest Hulk will return in a future story. Check out the text solicit for the difficulty underneath.

Titan is now in control, and his endless rage may destroy Hulk Planet. Within the remaining fragments of the Mind Palace, Bruce Banner must reckon with the harm he has inflicted on the Hulk if either of them are to have any chance of regaining control and saving the planet. But Bruce knows better than anyone that once a part of the Hulk has unlocked itself, there’s no closing that door ever again…

Will Bruce Banner regain control of the Hulk, or will Hulk Planet be the following sufferer of Titan and his powers reemerging? Marvel appears to be putting in place an epic, lethal end to the present day run on the Jade Giant. Readers will discover greater when Hulk #14 by way of Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on April 26, 2023.

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