James Gunn Hints At His DCU Plans With Kingdom Come Image

James Gunn once again uses an image of the Kingdom Come comic event to hint at his DCU plans, providing an intriguing tease of what could come.

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn hints further at his DC Universe plans by sharing another image from the Kingdom Come event story. Although no official announcements have come from Gunn or Peter Safran since taking over DC’s movie future, the former has continued to use social media to generate excitement about what is to come. He has teased fans with images of Lobo, Mister Terrific, Superman, and more as plans are being finalized for what direction the franchise will go next. Each of James Gunn’s social media posts have elicited strong reactions from audiences, especially when it comes to teasing major events.

For the second time now, James Gunn has used an image from the Kingdom Come comic in a social media post. The four-issue limited series from Mark Waid and Alex Ross was released in 1996 as part of DC’s Elseworlds brand and told the story of the original generation of DC heroes coming out of retirement to fight back against a new age of “heroes” who were more corrupt. Gunn originally used one of Ross’ images as his header on Hive, but he’s now used it again on Twitter with the caption “making plans” to tease his work on figuring out the DCU’s future.

What Gunn’s Cryptic Social Media Posts Mean For The DCU

James Gunn’s Kingdom Come tease is the latest in a long line of cryptical social media posts from the DC Studios co-CEO. He has openly said that he and Safran are working on the roadmap for the DCU’s future and that they will present their plans for the future to Warner Bros. Discovery leaders in early 2023. The now-repeated Kingdom Come posts could be a sign to fans that the iconic DC storyline is somehow factoring into their plans. With WBD wanting a unified DC cinematic universe, that would likely mean a Kingdom Come movie that is directly connected to the DCU franchise instead of being another Elseworlds-style movie.

There is even a chance that James Gunn’s other DC-related social media teases are all connected to a Kingdom Come plan. One of the trends to Gunn’s posts is that they are centered around characters who are not currently part of the shared universe. New DC characters like Lobo and Mister Terrific could potentially be in his mind to introduce as part of a new generation of heroes who then come into conflict with the older guard. It could even help explain Man of Steel 2’s development slowing down to make sure it can account for what state Henry Cavill’s Superman needs to be in for any potential adaptation.

Of course, James Gunn’s cryptic social media posts about DC could also be misdirection on his part, knowing that fans will keep their focus on what he’s teased instead of what has not been announced. Even if a Kingdom Come movie is not part of the DCU future plans, there is hope that James Gunn’s other DC movie teases will come to fruition. He clearly wants to put his fingerprints on the franchise and introduce a new wave of characters, so that is more likely to be what his focus is on right now.

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