Joker 2 Returning Character Only Works With A Deleted First Movie Scene

The return of one Joker character in Joker: Folie à Deux is only possible thanks to a deleted scene from the first movie – here’s who and why.

Joker 2 will reunite the target market with Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck and introduce Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn, and there’s every other returning individual from Joker whose look simplest works thanks to a deleted scene from the primary movie. After the achievement of Todd Phillips’ take on Batman’s maximum popular enemy in Joker, Phillips and Phoenix are teaming up one extra time for a sequel. Titled Joker: Folie à Deux, the movie is anticipated to maintain Arthur’s tale but with a twist, as this could be a musical as a way to also introduce the Joker’s sentimental partner (and accomplice in crime, too) Harley Quinn.

Joker followed Arthur’s downward spiral as his mental health deteriorated and his career as a stand-up comedian failed, even as he additionally by accident began and led a revolution against the wealthy and effective in Gotham City. Throughout his darkest moments, Arthur regarded to count on the affection and assist of his neighbor, Sophie (Zazie Beetz), who he started dating, however it turned into later discovered that their relationship changed into only a figment of Arthur’s creativeness and they had by no means met. This monitor took place after Arthur entered Sophie’s condo unannounced, and as he become already in a mentally fragile state, Sophie’s destiny turned into left ambiguous – that is why her return in Joker 2 can best work with a deleted Joker scene.

Although Arthur isn’t shown attacking Sophie nor is there some thing else that means she didn’t continue to exist that night time, she didn’t seem once more inside the rest of the film, making manner for speculation over whether she survived or not. Joker cinematographer Lawrence Sher discovered in 2019 that Phillips “makes it clear she wasn’t killed”, as the film establishes that Arthur kills those who have wronged him in a sure manner, and Sophie actually wasn’t one of these human beings. Phillips later showed this and stated Arthur didn’t kill her, revealing that there was a scene that showed this however became reduce from the film. In it, Sophie might have been proven looking Arthur’s disastrous interview with Murray Franklin on TV, confirming she’s alive and witnessed Arthur’s transformation on countrywide TV.

Sophie’s scene become cut from Joker because Phillips wanted the movie to be advised from’s Arthur’s angle, and cutting to Sophie within the film’s maximum suspenseful and vital scene could have disrupted the movie’s narrative shape. Now, in August 2022, information broke approximately Zazie Beetz being in talks to reprise her function as Sophie in Joker 2, and her return can now paintings thanks to that also unreleased deleted Joker scene.

How Will Sophie Fit Into Joker 2 (Will She Be Real?)?

Of direction, the biggest query around Sophie’s return in Joker 2 is how she will be able to in shape into the tale. Plot information about Joker 2 are unknown, but a primary look at Phoenix as Arthur discovered that he’s still in Arkham Asylum, so the film will spend more time in this fan-favorite area, not like the primary film. This makes it trickier to deduce Sophie’s position inside the tale, and it additionally increases the question of whether or not she can be actual or she can, yet again, be the protagonist of Arthur’s daydreams and hallucinations. With Harley Quinn being added in Joker: Folie à Deux, Sophie may want to nevertheless be in Arthur’s head, triggering a personal conflict for him as there’s Sophie however additionally the newly arrived Harley Quinn.

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