Supernatural Brilliantly Mocks The Twilight Movies (Again)

The Winchesters has taken a clever shot at werewolf Jacob Black — but this isn’t the first time Supernatural has mocked the Twilight movie franchise.

Supernatural has once again brilliantly mocked the Twilight movies, this time via its prequel series, The Winchesters. Though the Twilight movies concluded 10 years ago, the franchise still isn’t safe from the occasional, well-meaning jab from its fellow supernatural-based series. Taking notes from Supernatural’s past Twilight parody, The Winchesters has taken its own shot at the teenage-vampire phenomenon.

Dean Winchester is a walking pop culture reference, so it’s no surprise the much-hated Twilight movies were on his radar. The gruesome vampires and werewolves found in Supernatural are a far cry from their counterparts in Twilight and “My Summer of Blood,” the Twilight-parody book that pops up in the show. After all the vampires he’s fought and defeated, Dean was not impressed with the romanticized, stylish characters of “My Summer of Blood,” saying, “These aren’t vampires, man, these… These are douchebags.” In The Winchesters season 1, episode 5, “Legend of a Mind,” a young Mary Campbell hunts down and slays a werewolf named Jacob — a clear reference to Jacob Black, the teenage heartthrob played by Taylor Lautner in the Twilight franchise.

Supernatural Has Mocked Twilight Before

Mocking Twilight is practically one of Supernatural’s traditions. In Supernatural season 6, episode 5, “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” Sam and Dean find themselves face to face with a case that seems to have stepped right out of Twilight. Throughout the episode, Dean certainly didn’t withhold his disdain for the film franchise, and nothing was safe — the movies’ stars, the fact that their vampires glisten, and the obsession surrounding Twilight are all openly mocked. Even Bella and Edward’s beloved romance received scorn from the episode, as Dean remarks, “He’s watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?” With all these remarks, Dean’s stance on Twilight is pretty clear.

How A Werewolf Dies In Supernatural

Each monster in Supernatural has its own weakness, and werewolves are no exception. When it comes to hunting werewolves in Supernatural, any old weapon won’t do the job; it requires silver. Silver bullets, stakes, knives, and even injections of silver can be used to kill a werewolf. Weapons of extraordinary power, like the Cult and angel blades, will also do the job. Some supernatural beings — including angels, leviathans, and Nephilim — are able to kill werewolves without the use of silver by using their own inherent powers.

With Supernatural and Twilight having risen to popularity at the same time — and given their similar subject matter — it’s understandable that there was a little beef between the franchises. When their lives are put at risk due to Supernatural monsters like vampires and werewolves on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that Sam and Dean see the Twilight characters as nothing more than Zac Efron and Justin Bieber types. While the moment in The Winchesters was much more somber than the Supernatural parody episode, the jab is no less clever.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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