What's Next For The Walking Dead Franchise After Season 11?

As The Walking Dead season 11 marks the end of the long-running TV phenomenon, here’s everything revealed so far about the franchise’s future.

Season eleven may additionally mark the end of The Walking Dead, but a large destiny lies in advance for the AMC zombie franchise. The Walking Dead’s finishing turned into confirmed in September 2020, leaving season eleven to wrap up any lingering plot threads and convey the Commonwealth storyline to an correctly violent end. “Rest In Peace” is, consequently, no longer handiest the final installment of The Walking Dead season 11, however the final chapter of a story that has embedded itself into the western international’s cultural focus across a 12-12 months span.

While the primary display may be over, however, the destiny of the Walking Dead franchise is flourishing. As a lot as The Walking Dead’s series finale represents the give up of an technology, “Rest In Peace” also triggers the start of a emblem-new segment, as AMC siphons off some of its biggest characters into sparkling projects. Although the overall quantity of TV hours can be lower in 2023, the quantity of TV shows liberating below The Walking Dead’s umbrella will absolutely growth. This is how The Walking Dead’s future seems after season 11.

The Walking Dead’s New Spinoffs Explained

The Walking Dead’s at once future entails a trio of spinoffs starring major characters from the primary display. Initially titled Isle of the Dead, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan will celebrity in The Walking Dead: Dead City, set in New York. Supporting solid individuals had been added, however none are familiar faces from The Walking Dead’s present day global, and the question of whether Maggie and Negan may be joined via the usage of Hershel and Annie stays unanswered.

Norman Reedus will take point in Daryl Dixon. Originally supposed as a derivative starring Daryl along Melissa McBride’s Carol, the mission’s relocation to Europe prevented the latter taking factor. Daryl Dixon could be set typically in France, with Harry Potter and Tenet celebrity Clémence Poésy included some of the assisting cast. Finally, Rick Grimes and Michonne will return in a TV collection of their own after Andrew Lincoln departed The Walking Dead in season 9, and Danai Gurira in season 10. Lincoln’s comeback become formerly predicted to return returned via a Walking Dead movie trilogy, but those plans collapsed like soggy zombie guts and morphed into but a few other TV venture.

When The Walking Dead’s Spinoffs Release

The Walking Dead: Dead City is first at the schedule, expected in April 2023 and together with six episodes. According to recommendations from the actor himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan wrapped on the Walking Dead derivative in October 2022, highlighting the development Negan and Maggie’s new task is making. Daryl Dixon comes subsequent, and even though a launch date is yet to be introduced, filming on Norman Reedus’ six-episode solo show is underway beforehand of a 2023 release. Production seems slower on Rick & Michonne’s TV show, and at the same time as posters have billed a 2023 launch for this submit-apocalyptic love tale, past due-2023 appears possibly.

AMC’s new trio of Walking Dead spinoffs apart, Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will see Lennie James’ Morgan Jones group up with Kim Dickens’ Madison Clark, and is also scheduled for 2023. A Tales of the Walking Dead season 2 stays feasible after the debut season wrapped in September 2022, and different tasks had been hinted at, including the lengthy-gestating comedy collection. Despite The Walking Dead ending, the franchise’s future is confident for at the least another yr.

Is The Walking Dead’s Future Following An Overarching Story?

The Walking Dead’s upcoming spinoffs will in large part follow character narratives, all of which continue to be mystery at present. There are, however, small tips pointing closer to an overarching story connecting all 3. Rick and Michonne’s TV show concerns the CRM, who kidnapped/rescued Rick in The Walking Dead season nine. The CRM have a confirmed presence in New York, doubtlessly linking the villains to The Walking Dead: Dead City, at the same time as Daryl Dixon’s French putting is nearly truely related to the bombshell zombie virus revelation from The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2. As The Walking Dead becomes a shared universe, the CRM and virus foundation may additionally provide a connective thread among each release.

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