Why Anto Kreegyr Is So Important

Andor season 1 has been subtly setting up one specific character to be important to the show despite still not appearing: Anto Kreegyr.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 11.

Andor season 1 has featured many mentions of Anto Kreegyr, notwithstanding the individual nevertheless now not performing out of doors of a hologram, begging the question of simply why he’s so crucial to the display. Kreegyr’s first point out got here in Andor episode eight and has for the reason that been stated a couple of times in relation to each the Rebellion’s tale and the ISB’s. Andor episode 11 became only the ultra-modern to mention Kreegyr, giving visitors their first look at the individual thru a holographic image offered to Bix.

This modern-day point out of Kreegyr reinforces how crucial he is to the story. Firstly, his link to the Rebellion, Luthen, and Saw Gerrera lets in the ones three tale factors to be bonded together. Anto Kreegyr’s significance to Andor via the Rebellion comes from the capability raid he might be conducting on an Imperial factory at Spellhaus, which also ties to the ISB storyline as Dedra Meero has for the reason that turn out to be aware about this plot. Also, Kreegyr hyperlinks to the Ferrix storyline as the Imperials suppose he’s Andor’s contact rather than Luthen.

Anto Kreegyr Highlights The Rebellion’s Major Problem

The greater distinguished mentions of Kreegyr in Andor, via Saw and Luthen, highlight the biggest trouble with the Rebellion at this point within the timeline. The one-of-a-kind revolt cells across the galaxy lack unity, as obvious with the aid of Andor episode eleven. Kreegyr’s raid on Spellhaus changed into first added up so that Luthen could enlist Saw Gerrera’s insurrection cell inside the attack, bringing the companies collectively. Saw become reluctant, mentioning that he works on my own, and most effective came round to the concept in Andor episode 11 as he changed into in want of substances. This episode additionally highlighted the distrust among differing rebel cells, all introduced to mild via Kreegyr’s inclusion inside the show.

Luthen once more visited Saw in Andor episode 11 in which Luthen instructed Saw no longer to aid Kreegyr because of the ISB being aware of the raid. Saw immediately started out to mistrust Luthen due to the latter’s contacts throughout the galaxy, labeling him as ISB. This only is going to expose just how distrustful some members of the numerous riot cells can be, further proving that the Rebellion desires solidarity and believe to conquer the Empire which they do not have at this point inside the Rebel Alliance’s timeline.

Will Anto Kreegyr Finally Appear In Andor’s Finale?

Given Kreegyr’s importance to the overall show, then, many are wondering if that character will actually appear in Andor’s season finale. Before Andor episode 11, it might have been the safer bet to assume he would not appear. However, given that the penultimate episode of season 1 finally showcased what Kreegyr looked like, albeit only through a hologram, an actor has been cast for the role. Because of this, it is unlikely he will not show up again, whether it be in the season 1 finale or Andor season 2. With Kreegyr’s raid on Spellhaus being a major plot point that has been set up throughout Andor season 1, however, there is potential for that set piece to be shown in the season finale.

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