Why The Boys Changed Vought's Secret Seven HQ From The Comics

The Boys made a big change to The Seven’s headquarters from the comics, but relocating the team is much better for the Amazon Prime series.

In The Boys the supe crew known as The Seven makes use of the top of Vought Tower as their HQ, that’s a large trade from the comics. Vought Tower is present all for the duration of The Boys, with the building’s big length and precise shape making it instantly recognizable inside the New York City skyline. If The Boys had caught with a comic-accurate base of operations for The Seven, matters might have been very exclusive – but the exchange was a terrific element.

Instead of meeting on the pinnacle of Vought Tower, The Seven in The Boys comics without a doubt meet in a huge sky base that flies about New York City. The Seven’s HQ in the comedian books is just like the Helicarrier from Marvel Comics, which is a huge airship that acts as the headquarters for SHIELD. Like many other elements from the comics, Amazon Prime’s The Boys modified The Seven’s HQ, and their new base of operations works a good deal better for the series.

Why The Boys’ Seven Skybase Change Works

Even even though The Boys is all approximately superheroes, it attempts to stay pretty grounded due to its real-international political remark. Having The Seven meet in a big skybase is a little too a long way-fetched for the sector of The Boys TV display, so the creators switch to some thing a touch extra realistic makes the messaging all the more potent. The Boys is so determined to keep the display’s grounded factors that it reduce all matters alien, even changing The Seven’s Jack From Jupiter with Translucent in season 1.

Having The Seven meet in a tower additionally makes them a better parody of superhero groups. Although they may be commonly based at the Justice League, Vought Tower being The Seven’s HQ parallels The Avengers working out of Stark Tower within the MCU. The Boys’ skybase exchange allows with the aid of adding an even greater level of parody to the show, at the same time as additionally fitting in the target market’s suspension of disbelief.

The Boys’ Seven Tower Makes Vought More Important

Another gain of getting The Seven’s HQ be in Vought Tower is that it makes Vought as a organization more crucial. Even although they created the supes, The Seven has conflicts with Vought all the time. Forcing them to occupy the equal space heightens those tensions, something that could not appear if the show saved the skybase from the comics.

The contention among Homelander and Stan Edgar has been a first-rate arc for the duration of The Boys seasons 2 and three, and it’ll most probably keep into season 4. If The Seven’s HQ was still inside the skybase, the show might constantly should give you motives for Homelander to go to Vought Tower, making this storyline even more difficult to expand. Even though it isn’t always comedian-accurate, having The Seven’s HQ be Vought Tower in Amazon Prime’s The Boys is a much better desire than maintaining the skybase.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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