Furiosa's Anya Taylor-Joy Hasn't Met Mad Max's Charl

Furiosa actor Anya Taylor-Joy hasn’t spoken to Mad Max: Fury Road’s Charlize Theron about the character yet but plans to do so after a press tour.

Anya Taylor-Joy reveals she has not talked to Charlize Theron about Furiosa yet. Taylor-Joy stars as the titular Imperator Furiosa in George Miller’s prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, where Theron played the well-received action heroine. Production for the film just wrapped, with the film set to release in May 2024. Though Theron is not returning for Furiosa, Taylor-Joy will be joined in the prequel by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke.

In conversation with People Magazine, Anya Taylor-Joy has shared that she’s yet to speak to Charlize Theron, who played Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, about the role. Taylor-Joy said it may have been out of mutual respect that they didn’t talk about Furiosa, and she plans to swap tales with Theron after things quiet down. See what Taylor-Joy had to say below:

Charlize was sweet enough — I think both of us ended up in a situation where we were both so respectful of each other that we didn’t want to reach out prior [to filming]. The second it was over, once this press tour is over, we’re having dinner, and we’re going to swap war stories for sure. It is an entirely unique situation and I only finished it 13 days ago and was then thrown into this circus, so I think it’s going to take me a second to understand what’s going on. But I feel really grateful to be here, and I feel so grateful that I got to work with the unbelievable creatives that man Furiosa. The Mad Max world is entirely unique and epic at a scale that I can’t even [describe]

Why Taylor-Joy & Theron Not Talking Yet Is Good For Furiosa

The two not talking about the role yet is a good sign, as Taylor-Joy seems to be putting her all into Furiosa. The 26-year-old actor has even been doing her own stunt-driving for the role, so it looks like Taylor-Joy’s inspired enough on her own. With her recent performance in Robert Eggers’ The Northman and her ability to nab roles in potential future blockbusters like The Gorge and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Taylor-Joy’s at that caliber of talent that can get away with little outside guidance and inspiration, when it comes to inhabiting characters for the screen.

The two may also end up portraying two very different versions of the character, so waiting to swap stories might be the right move. Being a prequel, Furiosa will see the character in a time maybe even before she serves Immortan Joe. This may see Furiosa not rocking a buzzcut and with both arms, and may see the character before she became the heroine the audience is familiar with, one less hardened by the apocalyptic world.

Though audiences may get a different glimpse at the character in the prequel, Furiosa will still take the franchise down an action-packed road. Taylor-Joy recently teased that, in spite of her horror genre past, the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel has coated her with the most fake blood in any production yet, an interesting departure from the minimal blood featured in previous Mad Max movies. How Miller and Taylor-Joy have built upon these elements with their prequel will be something to look out for when Furiosa hits theaters in May 2024.

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