James Gunn's DCU Will Balance Popular & Lesser-Known Charact

According to DC Studios co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn, the DC Universe will balance the presence of popular and lesser-known comic book characters.

According to James Gunn, the DC Universe will balance the presence of popular and lesser-known characters in the franchise. 2022 has been one of the rougher years for the DC brand when it comes to its presence on the big and small screens. With several Arrowverse shows canceled on The CW, HBO Max’s Batgirl movie getting scrapped despite finishing filming, and several shake-ups with the movie universe, the DCU is definitely going through the motions. On November 1, DC Studios was launched with Gunn and Peter Safran taking charge of television, movies, and animation. The last two weeks have been loaded ones for DC Studios as reports have emerged about various aspects of the DCU franchise’s future.

Gunn has been very active on social media as a result, debunking several DCU claims and confirming truthful ones. However, the DC Studios co-CEO has also offered some positive glimpses into the new DCU. One question that Gunn recently responded to if he “still intend[s] to make projects about minor characters” for his new DC slate or if he is “going to focus on the big household names before doing that.” According to the DC Studios co-head, fans should expect to see a combination of iconic characters and players that mainstream audiences may not be as familiar with, sharing the following:

What James Gunn Has Teased About The DCU So Far

As formed by the previous regime, the remainder of the DCU’s current slate begins with Shazam! Fury of the Gods in March 2023. The summer will consist of Ezra Miller’s The Flash and the Blue Beetle movie in June and August, respectively. The year will then end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom featuring Jason Momoa as the iconic Justice League hero in December 2023. Outside of those films, DC Studios have yet to unveil their full slate of films that will be part of the vision that Gunn and Safran will soon present to Warner Bros. Discovery.

The only confirmed project that is under Gunn’s management is a new Superman movie that he has been penning a screenplay for over the last few months. The story will focus on a younger Clark Kent during an earlier part of his career, hence why Henry Cavill is not returning for the project or any DCU installments. However, Gunn has cryptically teased various DC characters that may or may not be getting their due in the DCU across TV and film. Those characters include Deadman, Lobo, Mister Terrific, and Jonah Hex, who are not necessarily considered A-list players. Gunn has also implied that the DCU may or may not do something with the iconic DC Comics graphic novel Kingdom Come.

While the transition period for DC Studios hasn’t been an easy one, to say the least, it’s still too early to tell how this will affect the DCU in a larger sense. Despite it signaling the farewell of various popular versions of DC characters, a reboot of some kind is perhaps what Gunn and Safran need in order to accomplish their mission of running a cohesive DCU. Whether that includes a project directed by Ben Affleck without him playing Batman anymore to Gunn reimagining Superman, time will tell where DC Studios will go with the DCU as their plans start to emerge.

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