Top Gun: Maverick (3/27)

When speakme about Top Gun: Maverick, it is difficult no longer to sound hyperbolic, but this long-in-the-works sequel sincerely deserves all the praise. Maverick improves upon the unique in each potential manner (well, the soundtrack doesn’t have Berlin, so this is one strike in opposition to it), and does so in a way that might make this one of the greatest sequels ever made. Top Gun: Maverick without problems has some of the most exciting movement scenes to ever hit the skies, and Tom Cruise offers a overall performance that indicates each aspect of the actor that has entertained us for decades, reminding us why he’s this kind of big celebrity that may nonetheless make a movie that earns over 1000000000 dollars. Top Gun: Maverick is a wonder of a movie, one on the way to genuinely take your breath away.

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Written by Abu Bakar

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