The Last of Us Show's Story Will Include Mind-Blowing New Su

The Last of Us creators, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, promise the upcoming HBO adaptation’s story will include mind-blowing new surprises.

The Last of Us show’s story will include mind-blowing new surprises, according to the HBO adaptation’s creators. The upcoming 10-episode series is based on the popular award-winning video game of the same name centered on the relationship between hardened survivor Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl who carries a natural immunity to a fungal infection that has plagued the entire world and caused a zombie apocalypse. After a smuggling deal falls through, Joel and his partner, Tess (Anna Torv), agree to transport Ellie across the hostile country to the Fireflies, a militant revolutionary group who hopes to use Ellie’s immunity to create a cure that could save the world.

While speaking at this year’s CCXP in São Paulo (via Hyper Omelete), Druckmann and Mazin teased surprises in the upcoming The Last of Us HBO television adaptation. When asked if the audience’s knowledge of the video game’s ending will affect the experience of the show, Mazin explained that new additions to the show’s story will surprise audiences and will “blow” their minds. Read what Druckmann and Mazin teased below:

Mazin: It’s about the journey. It’s entirely about the journey. I have played The Last of Us about 12 times. I know how it ends. I love the journey. And we promise, there will be surprises along the way. If you’ve played the game, I promise you there are things that you don’t know that are coming that will blow your mind.

Druckmann: There’s stuff that was written that we didn’t get a chance to put in the game that is in the show. So, you’ll get to see an enrichment of these characters…It’s interesting, we’ve now talked to people who have watched the entire season and went back and played the game, and they said the game is now richer having watched the show.

How Will The Last of Us Show Be Different to the Game’s Story?

During The Last of Us’ production, the series’ creators repeatedly assured fans that the show will remain faithful to the original beloved game. Photos taken of the various The Last of Us sets showed how HBO has recreated the look and feel of the PlayStation 3 game’s levels, environments, and character designs. Early teasers have also shown the meticulous recreation of The Last of Us’ infected enemies, specifically Clickers and Bloaters, which look remarkably similar to the video game’s counterparts.

The recently released full trailer for The Last of Us shows just how faithful the adaption to the story will be. Many specific moments from the video game can be seen in the trailer, to include Ish’s sewer sanctuary, the museum escape sequence, and Ellie and Riley’s (Storm Reid) photo shoot. However, the trailer also highlight several significant changes and additions to the story, as Frank (Murray Bartlett) can be seen alive, in spite of his character being nothing but a corpse in the game, while the Winter chapter of the game also appears to be extended in the show as Joel and Ellie encounter a survivor group on horseback, and the duo meets new characters, Marlon and Florence, played by Graham Greene and Elaine Miles respectively.

Druckmann and Mazin’s comments, coupled with the exciting new footage provided in The Last of Us trailer, tease a terrifying series that is set to recreate the experience of the original game but also expand upon its story and world. This will give returning franchise fans something new to enjoy while revisiting the story that captured them nearly a decade prior. With a January 15 premiere date set, audiences do not have to wait much longer to see what surprises The Last of Us has in store.

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