Who Was Pedro Pascal in 'Game of Thrones'?

‘The Last of Us’ star played one of the series’ fan favorite characters.

Between The Last of Us and the approaching season of The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal can be ruling the tv landscape for some time to return. But this is not his first time in a popular series. In 2013, Pascal appeared inside the hit display Game of Thrones, though, in contrast to his greater latest roles, he wasn’t exactly a lead. Pascal plays Oberyn Martell, the charismatic prince of Dorne, however regrettably, the man or woman failed to last lengthy. The series become famed for its willingness to kill characters, so it is able to be hard to take into account anyone who died speedy.

Even so, Pascal’s Oberyn makes an impact. Oberyn substantially affects the story by way of serving as the advent to Dorne, but he does a lot more than that. He sticks out in King’s Landing due to his unapologetic, showboat personality and widespread disdain for all matters Lannister. And that permits him to make an impact at the audience in best seven episodes. Despite the restrained time he receives, Oberyn has an crucial function inside the display through shining a light at the occasions of Robert’s Rebellion that most characters forget about. And who can neglect his death, which became brutal even for Game of Thrones? It’s Oberyn’s death that units the rest of the Dorne plot into movement, as nicely, which means the opposite characters don’t forget him long after he is long past. With Pascal’s masterful portrayal, Oberyn dominates any scene he is in. Granted, Pascal had plenty to work with because the man or woman has a rich records and particular personality.

Who is Oberyn Martell?

With the name of “prince,” people may additionally get the incorrect impression of his position. Dorne’s subculture isn’t the same as the rest of Westeros. Oberyn has no claim on the Iron Throne or any current relation to Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy). They use “prince” and “princess” as opposed to “lord” and “woman” on the subject of the Martell circle of relatives. This is only the beginning of the Dornish culture that Oberyn introduces. As the more youthful brother of Prince Doran (Alexander Siddig), who holds the Martell own family seat, Oberyn isn’t set to inherit something, but he doesn’t appear to thoughts. He represents his brother, who can’t make long journeys. Oberyn also shows an never-ending devotion to his circle of relatives. He is a professional fighter, famend for his ability with the group of workers. His unique and deadly preventing fashion and information of toxins earned him the moniker “the Red Viper.” He briefly skilled as a maester in his teens however grew bored. Then he lived in Essos for numerous years, turning into a mercenary with the Second Sons and trying his hand at the fighting pits. Basically, Oberyn attempted a little of everything.

Generally, Oberyn does what he wants. Though Dorne is more forgiving about bastardy, it’s a big deal to the rest of the kingdom that Oberyn travels with Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma), his base-born paramour. The two enjoy the freedoms of their culture, visiting brothels together and sleeping with both men and women. Unlike other places in Westeros, Oberyn’s fluid sexuality is accepted in Dorne. Oberyn is also the father of the eight bastard daughters collectively referred to as the Sand Snakes. These women have reputations as talented warriors, like their father.

When Does Oberyn Appear?

In Season four, Oberyn travels to Kings Landing to attend King Joffrey’s (Jack Gleeson) wedding in vicinity of his brother. This is a moderate to the Lannisters as they despatched a 2d son rather than the top of the house, but with a records of tension among the Martells and the Lannisters in view that Robert’s Rebellion, Tywin (Charles Dance) doesn’t retaliate. Oberyn strikes up a friendship with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), ignoring the horrific blood between their households. Oberyn’s anger lies broadly speaking with Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) and Tywin Lannister for the violent dying of his sister and her kids at some stage in Robert’s Rebellion. As the wife of Rhaegar Targaryen, Elia turned into continually a goal, however the rumor is Gregor killed her on Tywin’s orders after he slaughtered her youngsters and raped her.

After Joffrey’s dying, Oberyn is requested to choose Tyrion’s trial. Though he hesitates to work with Tywin, he consents in trade for a seat on the Small Council. Tywin also promises to permit him to confront Clegane. Despite his role, Oberyn does not put up with the political drama. Instead, he says the whole lot exactly how it is, even when it offends others. Things take a flip for Oberyn while Tyrion’s trial becomes trial via combat. Still set on his quest for revenge, he visits Tyrion, who says Oberyn will no longer discover justice in King’s Landing, but Oberyn insists that everybody responsible for his sister’s demise is there, and all he needs to do is act. With the Mountain set to fight for Cersei (Lena Headey), who accuses Tyrion of killing Joffrey, Tyrion remains in want of a champion. So Oberyn volunteers.

The trial is the perfect opportunity to kill the Mountain without consequences. But Oberyn refuses to wear heavy armor, despite the size of his foe. Throughout the fight, Oberyn teases the Mountain and shows off, twirling his spear and darting around. Oberyn impresses the onlookers but not Clegane. He reminds the Mountain of what he did to Elia, trying to get a confession. The Mountain knocks him down and breaks his spear, but Oberyn evades him, getting a new weapon from his squire and continuing the fight. But it doesn’t end well for him. Clegane’s brute force overpowers Oberyn’s talents. Taking him down again, the Mountain knocks out Oberyn’s teeth and gouges his eyes. Clegane confesses to his crimes against Elia and her children before finally crushing Oberyn’s skull, leaving him to die in a bloody display. His death is one of Game of Thrones’ more graphic and, therefore, more memorable. But Oberyn’s quest for justice doesn’t end with him. By inflicting a small cut on the Mountain, Oberyn gets his way, at least in part. Having laced his blade with Manticore venom, the prince of Dorne ensured the Mountain wouldn’t survive the fight. If not for Qyburn’s (Anton Lesser) experiments, Gregor Clegane would have finally died for his treatment of Elia Martell.

Oberyn’s Importance

Oberyn’s quest to avenge his sister (and ironically, his refusal to put on a helmet) can also have precipitated his dying, however that doesn’t mean he isn’t always an crucial a part of the tale. By bringing the story of Robert’s Rebellion front and center, Oberyn proved that Westeros had yet to get over the warfare. But greater than that, his dying instigates Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes to are seeking for revenge, concentrated on Myrcella (Nell Tiger Free). This snowballs into taking on Dorne. And it all commenced with Oberyn’s loyalty to his sister. Oberyn’s character is beloved by using the ones in Westeros and those looking. Though he changed into handiest there for a brief time, he changed into a captivating addition to Game of Thrones. And Pascal performed the role so well, that it’s no surprise Oberyn have become a fan preferred.

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